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07-17-2015, 03:02 PM
Went upper lake from shore last month (sorry no report, or for that matter on my very few trips last year). Got on the smallmouth for 7 fish, with some real nice ones in there. Scoped some similar spots and whatnot and decided to finally get the kayak in my new car and take it our for once.

Heard they were blue stoning up top recently so swapped to lagoon last minute, sadly. Been a long time since I gooned.

Some nice folks in tubes and other kayaks were in the two spots I had in mind so hit the beach between paradise cove and the swim beach. Dragged a worm for a bit to no avail. Threw a crank and lost one, kept getting in the weeds after that so swapped to the jointed rapala fishing right over the grass and ripping it if I hit any, and got a 4 pounder. Another nice fish in short order after that and then nothing. Paradise cove became free so I hit it to no avail and started paddling around checking depths and whatnot. Shoreline has changed a bit.

Back around to the ledge off the point near the swim beach, and swapped baits to something more visible (baby bluegill), and started getting some sad feeling bites. Hooked into one that felt a bit better and my worst fears were realized; little crap fish. They kept grabbing my bait, but they didn't mess it up so I let them drop it and felt for a real bite... nothing, so I upsized and missed one for a real dumb reason. Got one more but it was a near crap fish so I made another pass back around to paradise and called it a day early.

Wish I had brought my tube, or my anchor, I do better from shore unless the wind is just right. Felt off my game trying to fish from it after over a year. Nice to be back out after a looong time, though. I'll try to report from now on, again.


07-23-2015, 09:29 AM
Are you planning on heading out again? I was planning on hitting Pyramid on my Kayak but saw the posts on the lake lice so I was thinking of switching to Castaic. Looking to fish for trout, crappie and Bluegill. I am new to the forum as well.

07-24-2015, 11:05 AM
They don't stock trout at the lagoon. Seen folks do well for panfish there, so likely a good bet. The lagoon is lovely.

I personally only fish for Bass on lakes, leave my trout action for streams and creeks 99% of the time.

Probably check the dfg stocking schedule if you're out for trout unless you plan on trolling from the kayak. If they stocked upper Castaic recently I wouldn't bother with the yak at all, like shooting fish in a barrel off the dam, especially if there is a touch of wind.

Was told a few times that Piru and Cachuma are the pan fish lakes, though I don't pay much attention due to low interest.