View Full Version : headed for anacapa this weekend. looking for a fishing buddy.

06-26-2014, 06:22 AM
i will launch from channel island sat or sunday between 5 and 6 exploratory trip to anacapa. i have a 19 ft bayrunner. 8054287737

06-26-2014, 10:04 AM
Willing to have 2 of us onboard?I know its a bit much for a 19footer let me know.

06-26-2014, 09:05 PM
Do you still got room for one more?

06-27-2014, 05:55 AM
leaving saturday. gonna check out front side first. testing cheapo underwater camera. try using phone number

06-27-2014, 07:58 AM
i took the boat about a month ago. when i left the dock the steering cable was frozen stiff. i managed the day but have since replaced the cable. i didithe impeller and the lower end oil. i also replaced the switch panel. the vhf is toast this season so the new one will be here monday. i will use the handheld this weekend i use a handheld gps. i have a fishfinder. not the one i want but better than nothing. i have not yet installed the bait tank. i was hoping for some help from my new fishing buddy. i plan to do the isabella derby when the lake is back in shape. maybe some more trout derbys. i just think it would be great to hit it big at a derby once.
the boat is ready for the season. i might be up for anything from salmon up north to yellowtail at the islands. if you guys with boats want an extra boat let me know.

tight lines brothers.