View Full Version : Reel Fun 6/17

06-18-2014, 11:04 AM
Took a group of 20 on a half day trip out of Dana Point on the Reel Fun. The group was from a high school church camp and normally they charter the boat. To my surprise, when I arrived I found out that rather than chartering, they had just booked 20 spots on a SOLD OUT half day! With our group of Newbs I'm thinking this is going to be a mess...Lord have mercy! Well, He did! It was a great day on the water. Captain and crew were great and the set us up between kelp beds. We had a load of great looking anchovies and it was wide open on the flyline all day as well as a decent bite on the bottom with a dropper loop with chovies or the cut squid. Mostly calicos with a smattering of sandies and one sheephead. Also a short halibut was released. Our group managed to bag 24 keepers for a fish fry at camp and the jackpot went to a big ol' grumpy. Thankful for a great day on the water! God bless, Mark

06-18-2014, 01:59 PM
The crew at dana wharf is always very helpful. nice to see some younger fishermen and women getting on a WO bite and 24 keepers is the most i have heard of since the size limit increase. looks like the new regs are starting to pay off. next year will be the best local bass fishing we have seen in 10 years IMHO. I have a free ticket and i think it might just be time to cash it in.

Bonnie Beach
06-18-2014, 07:34 PM
Now that's a AWSOME report ! Bet ya a buck 10 out of the 20 kids are still fishing, in some manner or another in 20 years. 5 or more will have done the same for there group of kids & all 20 will remember for a life time. It happened to me in the early 70s, thanks old man Lotka for taking us out to the Barge. RIP