View Full Version : 4/17/ Large Surprise

04-22-2014, 08:35 AM
An old buddy of mine,who used to catch lots of rainbows at DVL with me before the stripers grew up, was visiting from CO. and wanted to try catching some rainbows again. Advised him that we now fish for stripers and LMB. Tried pulling the feather and tried some bait at the inlet, but no stripers interested. We caught one LMB over by the quarry and then decided to try Ronson Cove. We were drifting down the cove drop shooting a robo worm. He gets bit and after some time gets the fish to the boat---you guessed it---a very large rainbow trout pushing ten lbs.

Once again, tried to upload the image with my Mac, but it won't work for some reason. Send me an email if you want to see the fish and I'll send you the picture.