View Full Version : Dam fishing - 01-10-2014

01-11-2014, 12:34 PM
Fished the dam from 8am to 4pm on Friday.

Was told that Main ramp was going to be stocked with trout. After waiting till 9:30am, called hatchery and was informed NO stocking this week. (Note: the Castaic main office and website was incorrectly telling people lake was stocked at 7 am). The CA DFG recording was incorrect, too. Main ramp had no trout swimming around it when we left.

Walked over to end of Dam and setted up our poles. Not much happening and few fishes on stingers. The guy next to me limited out with small 1-2 lbers by 1pm, but the guys at the end were not getting much action.

Mid morning, the sheriff boat came by and noticed an unattended fishing pole beyond the limit line and took it away after the owner didn't fuss it was his. They must have remote cameras in this area because they always seem to know when people are fishing beyond the limit line.

They also checked for licenses and gave out some citations for fishing without it.

The water got choppy at 12pm and the bites disappeared. We got lucky and got a few 1 lbers before the bites died. The wind weren't as brezzy as they were a couple of days ago.

01-11-2014, 12:46 PM
Dam that suks i was hoping it picked back up but i guess not. I dont get why people would do stupid or illegal stuff when the sheriff station is right next to castaic lake...