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06-09-2013, 07:49 AM
I went fishing Sat. 6-08-13, with Lal on his 18’ boat the “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Davies in Long Beach at 4:30 am, our beginning destination being the west end of Catalina. We picked up a ½ scoop of monster half dead Sardines and through in a ¼ scoop of live Squid.

The forecast called for little wind all day, and that prompted us to head out! It was a decent ride out to the west end, although the wind was already above the forecasts. We checked out Starlight, Johnson’s Rock and around the corner at West Cove. We saw no signs of any Yellowtail anywhere.

We both caught a few Calico Bass on the live squid; I had one that looked to be five pounds and had those beautiful spawning colors of golden brown. Lifting it gently out of the water by holding the plastic, it flipped off before I could get a picture.

After soaking both Squid and Sardines at each area, Lal began throwing the plastic. We were drifting over some hard bottom areas near Eagle Rock. Lal was bit on the drop and wound in a healthy 16” Calico Bass. He dropped again was bit instantly. Another similar sized Calico Bass. Lal with a nice Calico Bass:


Not to be denied I grabbed my plastics out fit and got hammered immediately.

Myself with a nice Cali:


I got hammered on a drop and thought this would be a very big Calico? No, it was a decent sized Sheephead:


We proceeded to catch and release some 30 Calico Bass, several more Sheephead, Cabazon, Treefish and assorted other critters all released except the Sheephead, poor man’s lobster in waiting?

We worked our way back to the front of the Island and up past Empire. No fishy signs were found. Saw lots of boats including the Phantom and Spectra anchored together with others, which apparently was where the bite was on, although we were late to the party. Saw some scores of Yellowtail and that was the in spot earlier?

Wind was up over ten knots, supposed to be 5 to 6 all day, per the forecast. We called it at 1pm and back to the dock and on the trailer by 2:30pm. Washing machine seas and 12 to 14 knot winds across the channel slowed us down somewhat.

Someday I’m going to kill my curse at Catalina. Just can’t seem to pick the right day or right place to get them at this Island which seems to hate me? I am stubborn and will fight it off eventually; I want to catch a ghost again before I’m too old to fish.

Thanks Lal, another challenging adventure on the Ducky.

Hook up! Cory

06-09-2013, 08:43 AM
Nice fishes Cory. Cat is always tuff on the weekends. Too many bait pumps running...

06-09-2013, 01:14 PM
Nice fishes Cory. Cat is always tuff on the weekends. Too many bait pumps running...

Too true however, some of the best catches this year have come on the weekend at Catalina, who knows?


06-09-2013, 05:35 PM
Nice trip and great mixed bag. A 30 fish day is good and releasing them shows you care about the islands fishery. Props to you for doing that.

06-09-2013, 08:21 PM
Curse of Catalina. Lol. Nice toad Calicos.
You'll get you big ghost, hang in there.

06-10-2013, 02:26 PM
Taking an 18ft inflatable to Catalina, Huevos grandes! :LOL: you'll get em next time. U Still got on some nice calicos and that's a real nice sheepshead!