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05-01-2013, 04:49 PM
Aloha, me and the wife decided to do a afternoon fishing trip to San Anton on Monday 4/29/13. We left home at 5:15 pm and got to the lake at 5:45ish. First stop the wife catches a smallmouth and then a largemouth, smallie about 1-lb, largemouth about 1 1/2-lbs. Wife -2 Me -0. Next stop I catch a nice largemouth about 3-lbs, Wife-2, Me-1. On to the next point, the wife catches another largemouth this one is about 1-lb, I cast out my plastic worm feel a lil pressure and set the hook, out comes a 15 inch 2-lb crappie. I switch to a crappie killer jig and a few cast later I get another crappie, this time 16 inches and a lil over 2-lbs. Now its Wife-3, Me-3. Then the wife yells I got one, she pulls in a nice 2-lb+ smallmouth. Wife-4, Me-3. Took the crappie home, but released all of the bass. On our way out we stopped at one last point, wife yells I got a big one, I go over to her and she is fighting something big, she hands me her pole and says I'm gonna get my cell phone. I thought she was stuck on the bottom but when she handed me her pole the big one started taking drag, I think it must've been a big ol catfish the way it stayed on the bottom, it was a very strong fish pulling bigtime doubling the wifes pole and not coming in. I would get it in a few feet then the fish would just start pulling and get those precious feet back. I was prepared to tire the big um out but after about 5 minutes the line went slack, the fish had won. I wish we could've seen what it was because it felt pretty heavy. Anyway the wife had the luck that day, she's the champ till the next time we go back.

trail blazer
05-02-2013, 05:36 AM
LOVING this report!,,,,,,,,,,FANTASTIC job on the shorebound san Antonio report. PROOF POSITIVE that you don't need a boat to put on a slay at that lake. Fishing with your wife= P R I C E L E S S !

05-11-2013, 09:45 PM
Mahalo Trailblazer, You are right fishing with the Wife is PRICELESS even when she catches the most! We went out on Thursday May 9th for a couple of hours from 6 pm until about 8:15 pm. At the first stop wife hooks 2 fish (bass) and loses both, I try to school her about keeping the rod tip high and tension on the fish. I finally hook 1 bass and bring it all the way in and it gets off right before I get it out of the water. Now she schooling me. Next spot I catch a smallmouth about 1/12 lbs. We then hit the first launch ramp and the wife catches a fat 1 1/2 lb largemouth. I decide to walk to the point and catch a nice 3 lb largemouth. The mosquito's were getting to thick so we had to leave as it was getting late anyway. Another priceless outting with the wife!!!!!

trail blazer
05-12-2013, 05:21 AM
You must live in the area,,,how often do you hit it,,,,lol,,,,,,The lake I mean,,lol

05-13-2013, 10:12 PM
Trailblazer, we try to go as often as we can, (fishing that is), we went out tonight from 5:45 till about 8:45. Wife caught a nice largemouth about 3 1/2 lbs, then she caught about a 2 lb smallmouth. I was skunked until the last spot when i hooked 5 and landed 2, both fish were largemouth, nothing to brag about though. Must have been a school because I hooked them all in the same area, had a nice one on but not for long. Got dark so we headed home. Yea we live about 35 minutes from North Shore! Take it easy, I like to post because not many people post about San Antonio Lake.

05-14-2013, 09:08 AM
Keep the updates on San Antone coming. Im suppossed to be heading up there the 1st of June. Sounds like you and your wife do pretty good up there. Are you guys using crawlers or what? where are the hot spots? Ive never been there before... thx for any tips

05-14-2013, 09:36 PM
Aloha Jimbo1, its been pretty good lately, we have just been using plastic worms texas rigged, the wife has been using pink robo worms and i've been using majic worms in the brown with chartruse green tail. Been fishing off the shore since we have been going only for a few hours before dark. Just fish both sides of the points on North Shore, the fish are all over, the water is pretty low this year but the fishing has been good. The shad has started to show lately so I bet the Stripers will be hitting soon. Gonna go on thursday so I will post again then.