View Full Version : El Dorado Extended Overnight San Nic 4/13/13-4/14/13

04-16-2013, 11:31 PM
Hoped on the El Dorado for an overnight trip to introduce some of my homeboys to fishing. After looking at the reports I was confident that they were going to have a blast. To bad the closures at San Clemente ruined the prime fishing right now. Ended up making the trip to San Nic fishing in shallow water to avoid getting ticked like the Ranger 85 0_0. Great great crew lots of lings but a slower pick on rockfish and other assorted species. Captain worked hard, burned the extra fuel, and even came around to help assist in landing and hooking fish. Great guy. In the end my group ended up with 1 lingcod, 9 rockfish, 2 whitefish, and 1 cabezon, not too bad but until you factor in that they only caught 1 whitefish :(... anywho will definitely go out again this weekend with a bigger group. Hot ticket for rockfish was a simple dropper loop with 1 and I mean 1 strip of squid ONLY! I was fishing jigs most of the day and catching the majority of fish with a blue raider 85 but the ling on a green raider. 8 ounces is not enough so make sure to bring 10+ as the current was pretty strong. Shout out to the crew again, great flawless work and I hope you recover from your back injuries! :Big Grin: