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12-23-2012, 12:42 PM
Fishing with Lal, Sat. 12-22-12, on his 18’ boat the “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Davies in Long Beach at 5:30 am, our beginning destination being the Palos Verdes Coast. As expected the flags in the harbor were limp, and as we exited the Harbor, the seas were grease calm, with only a small swell. The air temperature was 43 degrees and I have no idea what the wind chill factor was, at the least very cold, and not comfortable, even with two T-shirts, a sweatshirt and a Jacket!

The high tide timing was not perfect, as it reached a height of 5.7 feet at 5:46 am, unfortunately way before we could arrive at our first spot at 6am. The sunrise was shaping up nicely on a cold, chilly morning, Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!r:


A bit later the sunrise reminds us how super living in Southern California is:


The fishing was just a slow pick on the Sand Bass with only one Calico Bass out of ten. A big change from the last few fishing trips where the Calico Bass dominated the counts.
However, the Rockfish had moved in and were on the chew, including a bunch of small 1 to 2 pound Reds and three legal sized Lingcod:

Lal with a nice Lingcod:


Myself with a nice Red:


A 26 inch Lingcod released:


Lal with a Red:


My second Lingcod:

The other critters we caught were Johnny Bass, Chuckle Heads, and Gopher Cod. Then the bite literally shut down. We ran up past Rocky Point in really nice conditions, although it was still chilly in an open center console boat during the winter.

We wasted a couple of hours in this area for only one small Calico Bass. Ran back down to our starting area and got a quick flurry of bites on the Bass, a few Sand and Calico Bass. I got lucky and caught the biggest Calico of the day, maybe 2.5 pounds:


We ended the day with only 20 mixed Bass, most of them Sand Bass, all released but 3 Sand Bass, and we caught 30 Rockfish, all released except for two Reds. A 50 fish day, not too shabby with water temp’s dropping below 60 degrees!

Lal dropped off the kept fish at Fire Station 35 in Cerritos, a Merry Christmas present of fresh fish for dinner, too cool! They were very appreciative.

Thanks Lal, another fun adventure on the Ducky!

Merry Christmas to all!

Hook up! Cory

Jackpot Jimmy
12-23-2012, 04:13 PM
Not too shabby, indeed. Great job Cory and Lal!

12-26-2012, 06:28 PM
Hi tunaslam,

Good going on the Bass...... and the Rockfish !!

Is that it for 2012 ? Storms here and more moving in !! Got it handed to me today !! :)

Happy New Year,