View Full Version : Skinner 12-3-12

12-03-2012, 08:23 PM
Took the boat out for a Cruize.
It was the Boats first time out on the water in 7 years.
1970 Arenacraft : 306 Cubic Inches Chevy V8
sounded very nice in the water.
although no Fish Finder, i just followed the bait fish out to the middle of the lake and just floated.
wanted to slay Mr Stripey for the first time, but no luck.
got relatively lucky while i was out in the middle of Egypt and landed this "maybe" 2lber but i think he was a solid 2.1 LBS haha :LOL:

all in all had a good time.
any word or tips on how to get mr stripey?
or even some trout. where are they at?

Fish with the Green :Envious: