View Full Version : Sunday at Lk Skinner

09-26-2012, 05:13 PM
Woke up around 3am (typical for me on weekends.) fiddled around with all the tackle for a couple hours and almost lost track of time.

Left the house at 5:40 and stopped by wally mart for some supplies. Drove thru wine country and saw the typical balloons filling up with air. Got to Skinner just as light was coming up.

I could tell that getting my fav spot wasnít going to be a problem since no cars were in the lot. Iíve been trying for Cat all summer long, so I threw the mackerel at them, tipped with smelly jelly. On the other rod I threw a Kastmaster and Rapala baits for Stripper. This went on for 5 hrs., and was calling it quits.

Bringing in the poles, I felt a tug! 1 Cat too small to cook. I let some children through it back. A little later, 2 bass under 8 inches.