View Full Version : San Antonio lake report 9/14

09-15-2012, 09:47 AM
Met up with Fresnofisher at 5am this morning an headed out to the lake.
Got on the water at first light and went up lake to a place that had a huge amount of bait in the water but couldn't find any willing fish.
No stripers working that I could find,
We trolled a bit with no results so when we got to Bee Rock cove we headed into the trees and tossed out some bait
Did the bait and wait the rest of the day for 8 catfish on chicken livers.
Also one nice smallmouth about 2 lbs.
No pics but steve may have some, I noticed he was trying to take pics of the live well.
Gonna have work on my trolling technique, I think.
Spend a bit more time using the FF to locate the predators hanging around the bait balls so I know where to troll.
I also snagged a minnow out of one of the vast clouds of them in Bee Rock and was surprised to see they weren't shad.
Looked a great deal like a Glass Minnow, had a dark stripe down the side and long thin body type.

09-19-2012, 08:42 AM
My friend was out there Monday evening working Harris Crrek, he said no boils at all. Dont think they fished anything else. Im gonna be camping out on North Shore Saturday night, hoping to hit up a few smallies or LMB's. May try to chase some boils in the evening if I can find em. Im hoping with the temperature finally going down the bite gets better. Ill report when I get back.

Joe Joe