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08-12-2012, 01:12 PM
What a beautiful week it is on the water. I don't know how much longer this weather and seas will last so I would suggest you all find a way to get on the water. Regardless of catching fish or not---- it has just been magnificent on the water this week.
My wife and I took Grand kids fishing in 2 shifts on Saturday Aug 11.
First shift 2 Grand kids and my Son. Out of Dana Point harbor.
8 am: Air Temp 70. Water temp 70 in harbor 67.5 - 69 degrees with in 2- 3 miles of the harbor north and south. High Tide at 6 am. Small low tide coming at 10:35 AM

Fished the Kelp north of the harbor to Salt creek.
Bait 5 - 7 inch sardines. ( Side Note: I called Effingham and expressed my Frustration that San Diego Bait barges which they supply have anchovies..... Newport and San Pedro supplied by San Pedro bait have anchovies........but not the Dana Point barge. Dana point barge does not allow calls to the barge ---- all the other barges do ----- I tried to express on behalf of all of us who go out of Dana pt that we fill cheated and ignored by the bait providers. I understand that the kids on the Barge give the corporate speech that they are trying to find chovies ....... I just have a hard time when fishing with Kids not having live anchovies. You can't put 7 inch Sardines on fishing rigs for 5 - 10 year olds. And I wonder where the party boats out of Dana get there anchovies. ------- OK i got that off my chest...... I will continue to fight for Anchovies on the Dana point barge...)

Fished hard till noon all around the kelp beds and in the kelp beds. Lots of bait fish, Dolphin in the area...... NO fish in the boat.

2nd Shift. Total load 3 Kids, 4 adults. This time we started on a section of the pipe running from the barber poles to the beach. Immediately about arrival we saw a large ( 6 ft long) shark in about 3 feet of water right next to the boat. Fishing Frozen Squid, Frozen Anchovies, and large sardines. Lost 5 fish with cut off hooks. Sharks for sure and i did not have the rigs set up with a steel leader. Son Brian catches 3 lb Sand Bass. Kali my 8 year old Grand daughter brings to the boat a 4 foot Sand shark. She was awesome in her patience to bring this fish to color. She also Caught large Giant Kelp fish about 20 inches. Waited through the day for the tide change from High tide at 5:35 PM. Nothing happened. Tried the kelp again. Nothing ---- Went home after a beautiful day on the water with Grand kids and FAmily. Question.... anyone know if Giant kelp fish are edible and about taste? Tight Lines and God Bless you all!!!

That Dang Guy
08-13-2012, 09:53 AM
I went out last thursday, they had a tank full of small 4 inch deans. Did you ask about smaller bait?

08-13-2012, 06:14 PM
Hi JL,

Just so the kids would get bit I'd filet some of the dines and go from there. Taking Squid on a kid trip is usually a good idea too. I know ..... nice Monday morning quarterbacking !!!


08-13-2012, 10:10 PM
I went out last thursday, they had a tank full of small 4 inch deans. Did you ask about smaller bait?

Yea he told me he gave up the last of the 4 inch just before we arrived. I alway take frozen squid and frozen anchovies as backup. Thanks for your reply