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06-10-2012, 06:01 PM
After having the good day last saturday out of Dana point reported earlier this week we also had an opportunity to hit the area again on Thursday and Saturday.
Thursday just my wife and I headed out late morning and were able to spend about 4 - 5 hours on the water. bait available was mix of very small anchovies and very large Sardines....... where or where are the big anchovies????? Water temp was 65.6. Swells were about 8 seconds apart and the wind waves were less then 2 feet. All in all a great day on the water. We fished north of the Kelp near Salt Creek most of the day. Hooked a lot of small Bass. Did keep two that came in over 15 inches.

Back out again early AM Saturday June 9. My son Gary and a friend from Work. My wife and I. Bait was only large sardines this trip. Water temp between 65.3 and 66 degrees. Big Swells about 10 - 15 seconds apart. Hard wind waves 2 -3 feet. With this type of seas we were constantly on our watch to maintain our footing. We also had some frozen squid and my latest thing....home made chum buckets. I don't think i will ever go out without chum buckets again. It is a lot of work to prepare your own ---- but well worth it on the water. Thankfully I have a box freezer in my garage, and because i live in rural country area I can prepare the chum outside without having issues with neighbors smelling dead fish:) I converted some old laundry buckets that have very tight lids into chum buckets. I have a small food processor that works fine however i found pounding the soft bait with a big rubber hammer works just as well. I add some cat food to the mix cover all it all with tap water and freeze it. Ok enough BS --- here is the fish report.

Again started North of the large kelp bed near salt creek/ ritz carlton area. 10 boats in the same area when we arrived at 8 am. One party boat also in the area. We were about 4 tenths of a mile north of everyone else.

My Son Gary hooked into what appeared to be about a 30 inch plus halibut which we lost just as the net touched the tail. Sorry Gary.... Then we caught a few of the small bass for the next few hours. Decided at the high tide 2:30 pm to move to the south side of the kelp. We have a location we like there but has been not been very productive lately. Moved a few feet into the kelp off the point we had marked. Kelp was around us under the surface but there were a few open areas about 3 - 4 feet wide that allowed us to get our bait out and not get hung up with every presentation. Here is where the big big bait -- big fish paid off. We caught 10 bass from 15 - 24 inches. Had several very hard strikes and long runs that became unhooked or wrapped us in the kelp. Got a beautiful 26 inch White sea bass ( released) on this run. Every one on board caught fish and for the first time we depleted our supply of live Sardines. I share that because I have not been too excited about the 7 inch plua sardines for fishing just outside the harbors. But after this trip i will no longer complain about the large Sardines. We were getting hit nearly every drop on the big sardines. It was great fun and lots of action.

Sorry no pictures only because when fish are on i don't bother much with any other activity except to get new bait in the water and fish. I will try to get some pics the next time out..

My wife and i want to share with those who may be private boaters who have had their share of skunked outings over the past 2 - 3 years. Get out there. This year the fish are here. They are fighting.....look very healthy and are in great numbers along the area open to fish.

Again to you all ---- Tight lines..... be safe and God Bless you all.

06-12-2012, 07:35 PM
Thanks for the report.