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06-03-2012, 12:38 PM
Saturday June 2. My wife and i were a little concerned that the Boat show in Dana Point harbor may cause us some parking or launching issues.....no problem The launch area was busy but we did find parking for the truck and trailer. Got a late start and did not get to the Bait barge till 9 AM Very small anchovies and large Sardines. We split the order because we have not had anchovies of any kind of our Dana point yet this year.

The Kelp beds north of the harbor had lots of action from both private boaters and the local party boats.

Water temp 65 / choppy water with 2 foot chop coming from all directions. Wind was about 5 -9 knots. Depth first stop 38 feet.
Some small hits / no fish
We moved north of the kelp to Salt creek area. Water temp. 66 less chop and even some sunshine. Quiet for about an hour until about 12:30 We just finished lunch and decided to stay on this sight for another 30 minutes.

First 5 minutes after lunch my wife Jean hooks a 30 inch 10 lb halibut. ON THE 3 inch chovy!!!! Shortly after we boated the Halibut the Bass started and we caught 7 Calico. One over 15 inches the rest 10 -12. Also 1 sheephead 18 inches. A sculpin and a small rock bass.

Recently we started serious chumming on all our local trips. Made our own Chumming buckets and convert our left over bait from the trip before plus adding some catfood. We are convinced that the chumming has added to our success.

I would like to suggest we see more posts from private boaters. Maybe we can get our own section if enough of you out there share. Some of you I used to see regularly have not been posting. We miss your reports. Hope you all have a great summer fishing God Bless you all ----- JL and Jean .

06-04-2012, 01:11 AM
Nice we do need more private boat reports you might see one on tuesday from me. Anyway looks like you had a great time. If you think the chumming is payong off, do it. God bless to you too.

06-04-2012, 07:39 AM
Congrats on the Hali. Chumming does work good. I made 10 gallons out of Sardines, Squid, Mackeral,
Tuna Guts. Ground it all up, mixed it, then filled plastic coffee cans and froze it.
cut holes in the lid and hang it off the back in a net.
Works good in the kelp beds and gets a lot of bait around the boat.