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04-07-2012, 05:42 PM
Fishing Sat. 4-07-12, with Lal on his 18’ boat the “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Davies in Long Beach at 5:45 am, our beginning destination being the Palos Verde Coast. There was little wind on the water, under 5 knots. As we exited the Harbor, the seas were grease calm. It was a very pleasant ride out to San Vicente Point, with a clear view of Catalina off in the distance.

Upon arriving at our beginning destination, the water temps were a chilly 54.5 degrees. However, the color of the water, although still green, was clearer than in recent weeks.

We stopped on some local stones, and our first couple of drifts yielded absolutely nothing. Moving on to other areas of structure, Lal and I both caught Sand Bass. My 3 pounder was perhaps picture worthy:


A couple of drifts later, Lal caught a decent Calico Bass, our first of at least a half dozen trips this year.


We moved around constantly and faced a variety of conditions. No drift and no current, uphill wind and downhill current, some wind and little current. We fished shallow water stones, deep water stones, hard bottom areas in medium and deeper water, and we fished along the kelp beds. We metered few fish, some bait, and a whole lot of barren desert.

Using 4 and 5 inch plastics in Clear Red Flake and similar colors, we managed to catch quite a menagerie of fish. We caught Sand Bass, Calico Bass, Reds, Gopher Cod, Sculpin, Cabazon and Lingcod. Lal lost what we feel was a huge Lingcod in the rocks, after quite a fight. We both released a few short Lingcod, and I released this decent size Lingcod:


Lal elected to move south to the Horseshoe Kelp area. We drifted on some hard bottom areas and I caught a decent size Calico Bass:


Lal caught a few more Reds before we called it a day, as the wind picked up and the current was again ripping, creating a scope out dilemma, where 2 oz. lead heads could not hold bottom in under 100 feet of water. Never the less it was a sweet day on the water, mostly calm seas, sunshine, jackets off and the beer was cold. Too cool!

We called it a day at 1:30 pm. All fish were released to fight another day.

Thanks Lal, another fun adventure on the Ducky!

Hook up! Cory

Jackpot Jimmy
04-08-2012, 04:39 PM
Looks like another great day of fishing Cory! Nice bass and ling.