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Red Drum
03-31-2012, 10:20 PM
I took my little 15ft boat “Red Drum” out on the big pond today with my fishing buddy Jason “jscrib”. Decided to do an early morning trip since the weather was supposed to turn nasty by mid-afternoon. The weather forecast definitely kept a lot of boaters off the water and the parking lot was almost empty. Fortunately, we had great weather for almost the whole day, with just a little chill and slight breeze in the morning.

Our plan was to buy some live bait and target Halibut. To our good fortune, we didn’t have to buy any bait, because the harbor was still plugged with a huge biomass of Sardines, mini-Macs, and Spanish Jacks. I put on a Sabiki bait-catcher and made a tank of hot live bait within a half an hour. We spent the first four hours on the water targeting Halibut without any luck. The only bites we had were from Sand Bass and Calico Bass.

Jason with his first Sand Bass of the day.

Here I am with a nice Sand Bass.

Here I am with a nice Calico Bass.

In the early afternoon while fishing a structure spot with a swim bait, I get bit really good by a heavier fish and ended landing a nice looking 28 inch Halibut…yeehaw!! I finally get our target species when I least expect it.

Jason with his last dandy Sandie of the day.

Had another fun filled and successful day fishing on the beautiful Pacific Ocean and burned less than 3 gallons of fuel...sweet! Can’t wait to go again. HOOK-UP!

Till next tide,

03-31-2012, 10:33 PM
Nice Hali and Cali.WTG.

04-01-2012, 08:58 AM
Awesome job out there as always Vince. I was chatting with Jason the other day and we both agree.....You are the Man when it comes to gettin on them. Jason reminds me of "Wilson" from Home Improvement....Always behind the fence...LOL

Keep those reports comming brotha!