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10-12-2011, 08:58 PM
Fishing Wednesday 10-12-11, with Bill Fisher, on his 18’ Trophy. “Toad Hall”. I arrived at Bill’s quaint Trailer residence on a cliff overlooking the water, some 10 miles south of Rosarito at 6pm; we enjoyed a cold beer together, watched a little playoff baseball, then headed out to dinner for a few cocktails and fish (Halibut) tacos at Bahia Cantilles.

Bill said he had bought a new deep fryer, and bet me he could cook up better fish tacos than the restaurant. I covered his bet and lost. Fresh Reds coated with Wonder Flour, dipped in eggs and crushed Kellogg’s Corn Flakes. Oh wow, they were outstanding, and I couldn’t stop munching on the fresh hot fish nuggets.

Lights out at 9pm, with a 5:30 am wake up call. I told Bill I never sleep past 5am, unless I go to bed past midnight, why so late? Bill said the fishing is really good, no reason to get an early start? Well I’m awake at 4:30am, tossed and turned until 5am, and finally got up. Made some hot coffee, and waited for Bill to wake up. At 5:35 am, I hollered, time to go fishing. Bill was instantly awake, “ok I’m ready”.

So we walked outside to a slight breeze, with crystal clear skies. It was already grey light when we exited the Trailer Park. Stopping to fill up a couple of five-gallon cans of fuel before we arrived in Las Salinas. In the harbor, the had breeze backed off, and we exited the harbor to almost grease calm seas. It was a late start for us, just after 6:30am.

Bill told me he has been exploring new ground the last few weeks, and found a few more rocks loaded with Reds, they are small stones, yet they are holding fish. I already know he has some extraordinary spots, and it is always a blast to find some new honey holes. So he set a course towards Salsapuedes, into deep water, targeting some tasty Reds!

We stop on his first new mark, some scattered fish showed on the meter, nothing special, however, that’s the way the Reds read in this area? It was absolutely wide open to start the day off. My first six drops went like this:

Drop #1, a single big Bocaccio.

Drop #2 a double on nice Reds.

Drop #3 a single big Red:


Drop #4 a double, one Starry and another decent Bocaccio.

Drop #5 another big Bocaccio.

Drop #6 another double on the Reds:


I’m literally done on Rockfish, and it’s only 8am?

In the same time frame, Bill caught 3 Reds, 3 Bocaccio and a few Starries.

We finished our limit of Reds, and Rockfish, and headed in to fish the shallow waters in Descanzo Bay. Yikes, there was putrid Red Tide everywhere. We ran 10-12 miles North and could not get out of it. Stopped on a few spots to see if the fish cared? They did, few biters, mostly small Chocolates, a short Lingcod, a Widow, a couple of tiny Johnny Bass.

Looked around to find some water not coated in brown-red sludge. We did, and the fish wanted to chew. They were eating squid tipped Mega Baits, Plastics, Lucanus lures, and knock offs. We released at least two-dozen Chocolate Rockfish, about this size, or a bit larger:


I caught several nice Sheephead, a 3-pound female and this big Male:


We caught some Whitefish, a Copper rockfish, a Tree fish, some small Bocaccio, another nice Red, more Starries, all released, and Bill caught about a five-pound Sand Bass.

At 1pm Bill called it a day. It was still grease calm, and fairly warm out, what a beautiful day to spend on the big pond.

Day’s Catch:

Bill cooked up another batch of fish tacos before I hit the road, yum, yum!

Bill called the border and found out it was a 70 minute wait at San Yasidro. He suggested I go to Otay Mesa, which had only a 10-minute wait! Fortunately it took me only 6 minutes, and I was home in Diamond Bar by 6:30pm, having left Rosarito at 3:30pm, not too shabby, considering the heavy after 5pm traffic?

Bill, what can I say, we never made it to any of your previous honey holes, as the new one was just as good, how cool? Thanks so much for the invite, and fabulous hospitality. What a blast, can’t wait to do it again!
Hook up!

10-13-2011, 09:19 AM
Hi Tunaslam,

Goin' south for quality and quanity ..... don't blame ya a bit !!


10-15-2011, 07:30 AM
Hi Tunaslam,

Goin' south for quality and quanity ..... don't blame ya a bit !!


Hi Ron,

Yep as Bill states, it does not get any better way down in San Quintin?

This board has sure slowed down, where's all the action? Guess private boating has been so poor, most folks have already put their Rods away for the winter? A long ways off to Spring, then again what's to look forward to in the Spring lately?

Hook up!

10-15-2011, 10:26 PM
Heck of a report Cory.
That Goat looks ready to chomp on your finger. Lol
Slot limits are coming on Sheephead in Ca.

10-16-2011, 12:14 PM
Hi agian Tunaslam,

Cory .... I forgot to add one more tidbit to my reply on my thread .....that's the DFG will begin to implement some of the MLPA regs January 1st .... however the courts issue extensions, and or whatever they do to halt an action .....at least that's what was implied in an article I read yesterday. And ......

Yes, DockRat and how about the Sculpin ? Going to the DFG website, marine, we can find a whole list of proposed and or already implementated stuff .... believe I counted over 10 items.

Slot limit on Sheephead is welcome but it's gonna hammer the sporties !! My opinion is if folks wouldn't take the sqweekers the fishery would be a whole lot better off !! If I'm not crazy in my observations, mostly females are taken when they're below or just legal and I've seen a lot of Sheephead come over the rail this season !!

I wonder if less competition from smaller Sheephead has allowed for more of the substantially bigger Sheephead being caught locally. If so .... that ain't gonna last long and then ..... the year down the road !?

For the both of ya's .....With increased fishing license increases for next year, how many guys are gonna take up ping pong ya think ?