View Full Version : Buckley Cove, Stockton, 8-7-2011

08-13-2011, 11:54 AM
Stayed at Riverpoint Landing RV park. Fished from shore for an hour before dinner with a 4 inch gray and white Bass Assassin on a 1/0 hook. Many short strikes in Buckley Cove and one 10" fat LMB. Photo as soon as I figure how to upload it from my phone to my computer. Last 15 minutes spent fishing the other side of the RV park in the San Joaquin River resulting in only one short strike.

I spent another hour the following morning before breakfast fishing Buckley Cove and averaged a hit every fifth cast, but couldn't coax them to stay on the hook. When I shared my experience with my wife, she said, "Why don't you leave the barb on the hooks?"

My standard reply is "Because if I pull a fish out of the water, I'd have to touch it to take the hook off, and then, you'd have to wash my shirt because I always wipe the slime off onto my shirt!"


Finally figured how to email the image from my phone to my computer.