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04-02-2011, 01:47 PM
3rd Annual Imperial Valley family catfish tournament.

Yes its time for the 3rd annual Imperial Valley Family Catfish tournament to come soon. Its over a month away. This tournament has been the best tournament as far as numbers of flats and channels goes every year since we started it. I do not expect this year to be any diffferent. Categories will go as follows.

Fees broken down into these categories. All participants must pay club cost and fees.

$10 - adult flat fee category - Single biggest flat
$10 - children channel category - 5 fish stringer
$10 - Adult channel category - 5 fish stringer
$10 - Children flat category - single biggest flat
$5 - club cost and fees.

All categories broken down into 1st thru 3rd place from total of all deposits receiving per category.

1st - 50% of total deposits
2nd - 35% of deposits
3rd - 15% of deposits

All water of the Imperial Valley are open to event except private waters and ponds. Example - Coachella, Alamo, All American, Highline, Weist, Sunbeam, to name a few.


All DFG rules and regulations must be followed. Rods, baits, license, methods of fishing.

Fish must be caught fresh and not overly stiff.

Released fish must be put back into water of origin.

Participants must sign up for categories at sign in Saturday morning at 8am.

Cheaters of rules will be disqualified from the event.

Waters open to public only to be fished.

Must be back on time to weigh in fish - arrive by 7:45am Sunday morning.

Winners of each category to have a short interview based on what you used and area fished.

Have a good time fishing.

This is going to be a great and fun event everybody and I look forward to seeing you there.

Event will be held at Westmorland Park in Westmorland, Ca. Same location as last years event. May 14-15th Saturday 8am thru Sunday 8am. 24 hr event. WCCM appreciates your time and effort for fishing our events the last 5 years and we look forward to seeing you again at this years event. Interested participants please indicate below so that we can get an accurate count of who will show for DFG paper work to be filled out.

Its the 3rd Annual Imperial Valley Flathead Tournament. See ya there!

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04-02-2011, 03:42 PM
Here are the last two years videos of the Imperial Valley event. Both went exceptionally well with lots of nice flats and big channel stringers as well.



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05-17-2011, 07:17 AM
Thanks goes out to all the participants for coming to the 3rd annual Imperial valley catfish tournament. It was a mighty good time. Thanks goes out to Todd and Gina as well for their constant help in organizing and administering the events. Thanks goes out to Main Line Bait and Tackle in El Centro for sponsoring the event with rods, rod holders, and other various prizes.

It is always nice seeing familar faces at the event. We are a fishing family indeed and over the years we have learned from each other and grown with each other as far as sharing our passion in the sport of catfishing. Its getting better and better and I look forward to the next one to fish with all of ya.

Nice meeting ya Corey and C double. Nice seeing ya Oatums. Nice seeing ya Kurt and Eric. And good to see you Tony, DCR, and Fullstringer. Lots of people to name can not remember all and sometimes I go blank. But I definitely appreciate your help and participation in our events.

Deandre of Ontario came thru in this event and got his 1st place win for the first time. Congrats True Blue you deserve it as the fish gave him a nice fight in one of our spots on the Alamo. People fish the Alamo, All American, East Highland, and a few other various waters to get their catch. Channel action was good in certain waters and spots. Bluegill making was tough on the Weist but good on the All American and Highland just below the drops or in slack water areas away from the current. Early morning and late evening been the best time for a good gill bite. As far as the bite for I and Todd it was a tough go but always rewarding hanging with good friends. We had an entourage running around but it was all good. We had some runs, but no good hook up. I was able to scrape up a few gills on the AAC. Nice ones. Deandre dad caught a good one over a pound there. The bbq we had was good as well.

The fishing was very competitive. Lots of Double D's showed up for this one with fish up to 23 pounds. A very tight event and every single bite and fish counted for the tourny. Some broken lines took place as well. But that is readily common on the Alamo which is a flathead heaven of snags, brushes, and etc. Some daytime catches was made and some midnight catches were made as well. All came together to make a competitive derby and this is what we all crave for. A competitive derby in which you do not know if your catch will win or not, we just have to wait until the weigh in, to put our anxiety to rest of did our catch make the cut. The following is a run down of the winners and what they pulled out for the 24hr event:

Adult Flat

Deandre - 23.21 and 6.01
Tony - 12.43 and 7.20
Eric - 17.10
Rob - 15.52
DCR 13.86
Daniel - 8.39
JAke - 5.48
Pat - 12.48
Mana - 15.45
John 9.36 and 5.13
Jessica 13.73
Vern 13.00
George - 7.89 and 5.44
Corey - 4.73 and .77
Joe- 7.12
Jeremy - 13.65
jeremy - 7.60
Oatums - 12.3

1st - Deandre - 23.21
2nd - Eric - 17.10
3rd - Rob block 15.52

Adult Channel

George W. - 10.25
Jake K - 6.26
Mando - 9.21
Vern - 12.01
Kurt 6.48 + .92

1st Vern. 12.01
2nd - George -10.25
3rd - Mando - 9.21

Kids Divison
Dionna - 1.38
David J - 4.62
Carlos - 6.28

Thanks again to everyone for your participation in the 3rd annual IV derby. See you at the next one. Pics coming soon. Meanwhile here are a set of pics from the Imperial Valley Press.


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