View Full Version : variety at the 4 mile and the one mile. 3-1

03-02-2011, 01:32 PM
Sorry for the lack of pictures again. Forgot to put batteries in my camera before I took it:( Took off work Tuesday to fish the opener with 3 of my friends on my buddy Scott's boat. We trailered up to Santa Barbara and were on the water at around 8. Got some frozen squid from Sea landing and then we were off to the bait dock. They claimed they had medium sardines but many attempts with the crowder, which the guy there had us doing for ourselves netted us about 20 pieces of bait, a mix of a few sardines, a few anchovies, a few brown baits and a couple perch. Not too great, and then he tried to charge us for a full half scoop. We gave the guy 15 and he didnt complain after standing there and watching us get our own bait. Then we were off to the 4 mile. A little bumpier than the forecast had predicted but not too bad at all. Got out there to an ugly south wind and current going hard against it. Fished 150 to 170 feet. For the first couple hours, we only had a sandie in the box and released a couple lings. Then the wind backed off and we were able to fish the spots a little easier and we started to get some quality reds as well as some whitefish, other rockfish and a lot of short lings which were released. Got most of our fish on squid. Most of my fish came on a mackerel colored megabait. Ended the day at the one mile in about 70 to 100 feet for a sculpin, a sheepshead and a couple more whitefish and some rockfish. Ended up catching around 50 fish for the 4 of us and 14 species of fish in all. We released a total of 15 lings and successfully released quite a few rockfish. It ended up a really fun day of coastal fishing. I hope everyone can get out this weekend. Have a good week.