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01-17-2011, 01:43 PM
Fishing Sunday, 1-16-11 with Tony Jr. on his 21’ Triumph. “Bad Fish” and with his Dad, Tony Sr., “Crazy Hawaiian” I left Diamond Bar at 3:45 am to meet both Tony’s at Shelter Island in San Diego by 5:30am.

We launched, and cleared the harbor at 6:15am, reaching our destination of Descanzo Bay at a little after 7:30am. For the first 10 miles, we experienced a 1’ wind chop, and then the seas settled down into perfect grease calm conditions by the time we passed South Coronado Island, all the way to the Bay.

The sunrise out was spectacular!


Whether you caught fish today or not, it was one perfect day to be on the water!

Tony Senior was the first to get on board with a nice Red (Vermillion) rockfish.


After catching seven Calico Bass in a row, and numerous hook ups to mystery fish which found a way to shake off the hook half way up, I finally landed a dandy Red.


Tony Junior landed and released a Lingcod in the 3 to 4 pound range. I also released several Lingcod between 20 and 22 inches.

The conditions remained beautiful throughout the morning and into the early afternoon, starting with a slow drift to the southwest, and then it switched up a few times to different directions, eventually running northeast. The current was little to nothing most of the day.

As far as fishing goes, it was quality over quantity, with mostly a slow pick, as Tony Junior moved us from spot to spot, sometimes fishing as deep as 150’ to under a 100’. Today the shallower spots were not holding much. Jackets were off by 9am, sweatshirts by 9:30am and into T-shirts by 10am. Wow, what a fine January day!

Tony Senior fished with both plastics and frozen squid, with most bites on the whole dead squid, while Tony Junior and I fished only the plastics tipped with squid. Senior caught the most variety of the day with a Copper, a Chocolate Rockfish, a Whitefish, several Starries, several Calico Bass, and this nice big Sand Bass, to add to his collection, besides the Reds.


Here is another Red that I caught.


Tony Junior had an untypical off day, as he was having some difficulty with the new Red Spectra he had just bought. He kept getting horrible backlashes on his casts, and it appeared to me that the line was simply too stiff! Finally he broke out of the slump, and got hammered on his Mogumbo, and joined the Red fish club.


Senior with another nice Red.


I was using a four inch Red Flake plastic with a one oz head, which the Calico Bass enjoyed, while the Reds and Lingcod preferred my five inch Red Flake MC, with an orange belly, with a 2.5 oz lead head.
This nice sized Whitefish climbed all over my four inch Red Flake.


We called it a day at 2pm, with the last hour being during slack tide and few fish to show for our efforts. We ended the day with ten Reds, nine Calico Bass, most released, a couple of Coppers, some Starries, two Johnny Bass, three Sand Bass, two Whitefish, a Chocolate Rockfish, and four Lingcod, all released!

Tony Senior managed to land a few more nice Reds, like this one.


I also caught several more Reds.



It was a sweet uphill ride to Point Loma, into the clam seas, until we reached the Tijuana flats area, where the one foot wind chop re-appeared. Lots of folks walking the beaches in Rosarito! Stopped to clean fish at the end of the Point. We all will have a bunch of fish tacos for dinner. What a fantastic, relaxing day on the water.

Tony Jr. and Sr., always a blast to fish with you guys, thanks again for the invite, a fun trip for all!
Hook up!

01-17-2011, 11:57 PM
I need to man up and tow my boat to sd for some descanzo bay rockfish.

murrieta angler
01-18-2011, 03:19 PM
Nice report Cory,
Since I still have my boat, I should head down there for some rockfish....Naaaaaaaa
I'll take the Legend this weekend down to Colonet... :)
Take Care,

01-18-2011, 06:06 PM
Hi Tunaslam,

Finally had the time to go over the thread again. Nice fishys. That 17lb whitefish was something else huh. Yours is a nice one but that monster was even bigger than the present 12lb 11oz world IGFA all-tackle record !!

Thanks for the always great report,