View Full Version : bako - fishin' the "SOUP"

12-22-2010, 01:25 PM
Hit up Bako with my buddy Mikey again last night.

Conditions continue to get worse !!!

Big Time !

Water stained even more….Coffee…Chocolate ! however U want to sum it up…

Not much visibility !!!

Got a real late start and picked 3 spots to fish real hard…given the poor water clarity…quick stops didn’t seem logical..

1st stop produced 5 short strikes !

Seems short strikes are occurring more and more with the poor visibility !

No hookups..

2nd stop….NOTHING !

3 rd stop produced 1 hookup for Mikey but as quick as it was on…it was off !

These fish are still targeting it seems but are have real difficulty truly contacting the lure….

Gonna have to try during daylight to see if we can get them to contact better…

Maybe hit AV in the interim….

Not good news folks….

Get ‘em if U can..

Tuff out there !

Blanked !


12-22-2010, 02:42 PM
i was suprised it was nearly as dirty as i thought itd be, still didnt pan out for me