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12-05-2010, 11:57 AM
Fishing Saturday, 12-04-10, with Lal on his 18’ boat “Rubber Ducky”. We launched out of Davies in Long Beach at 5:45 am, with our starting destination being the Izor’s Reef and then areas further south. The 8-10 knot winds were out of the south east, with a residual bump from the nights windy seas.

After fishing on Thursday, and turning down a repeat invite to San Clemente Island with Dave Robinson for Saturday, as I was planning on waking up Saturday morning, starting a fire, reading the morning newspaper with a cup of hot Java! Then I was looking forward to watching the numerous Championship College Football games on TV, especially the two teams needing to win to play in the National Championship in January, Oregon and Auburn, congrats to their success!

So Lal calls me Friday afternoon and states he had just finished the best Bass adventure of the last four months. Fishing solo on Friday he caught 27 mixed Sand and Calico Bass, with numerous Calico’s to three pounds, four Sand Bass over four pounds and five Sand Bass over five pounds, wow! He wanted to know if I was planning to fish on Saturday, as there was to be a favorable high tide of 6.6 feet, with an afternoon reaching into the minus 1+ foot area. That’s a whole lot of water movement! My first re-action was no, too much football to miss, and it was the last week of regular season for the colleges. Then the adrenalin in me went off, and I agreed to a half day trip if he was willing to come in early?

We started at Izor’s and picked away at the Sand and Calico Bass for a few hours before slack high tide at 8am. The winds died down and became grease calm. Lal made a few moves south, stopping on some small stones, each of which yielded a few fish each. The last one had a few good flurries, and the bigger models from the previous day finally decided to feed.

Lal caught this Dandy Sandy over five pounds.



I caught a couple Sand Bass at just three pounds, and added some 2+ pound Calico Bass to the mix, all released. The Bass were moving around in the water column, especially the Calico’s as high as 30’ off the bottom, chasing bait schools. Most of the Bass spit up squid while being unhooked and released. I had just reeled up to mid water column, stopped and dropped back down. The big Sandy must of followed me up and inhaled the four inch Red Flake plastic on the drop. A few good head shakes, an attempt to take line on my fifteen pound outfit, and up comes this Dandy Sandy.

My biggest of day at 3.5 pounds.


The bite in this area was over as quickly as it started, but the count was now over 30 mixed Bass. Lal headed back North as some sprinkles appeared, yet the wind remained calm. We finished up at 11:30 with a short flurry on the smaller Sand and Calico Bass in shallower water, as we worked our way back to Davies.

We ended the day with 47 mixed bass, with a little over 30 Sandies, and the remainder being Calico Bass, a good showing for this time of year. Almost all the Bass were plumb, especially the Calico’s. The local live squid are feeding them well. Neither of us brought any squid to add to the plastics. We did occasionally add some Uni-butter to the lures.

Water temps varied from 56.5 to a high of 58.2. No Sculpin or Rockfish today. Lal kept one 2.5 pound Sandy for the neighbor, and the fish and game consultant at the dock was impressed with the our count of released fish, and the lone Sand Bass kept, as he gladly measured it’s length and weighed it. He had met Lal and I many times before and acknowledged this trip being much better than recent trip reports

Thanks again Lal, for talking me into going out, and completing another fishing adventure on the Rubber Ducky!

So I got my Cake and ate it too! Was able to watch some good afternoon and evening games, and my favorite team the USC Trojans, kept their city title in an ugly game! Alls well that ends well!

Hook up! Cory

12-05-2010, 05:32 PM
Hi Tunaslam,

First read elsewhere. Great tide swing !! Water temps were 54~54.5 consistantly throughout Tuesday's fishing ..... then bumps to 58 and change a couple of days later ....... and THAT with no particular reason for it to have warmed ..... frickin' wierd !! :)

Thanks for the adventure and WTG on all the fishys and of course the C & R's !!


12-06-2010, 02:20 PM
47 mixed bass...that is some good wintertime bassing!