View Full Version : A-duct fever 11/18/2010

crash daddy
11-19-2010, 01:53 AM
Couldn't help myself. Just had to make one more trip out this week. Got out to the duct at about 4pm and the water wasn't moving very much at all. So i tried some bait fishing and didn't even get a nibble. But right before sun down the fish started to move at the surface.
So i tied a top water lure on and made about 4 casts before i got ant kind of action. That fish must have been blind !! He missed my bait 3 times on the way in. So i tossed it a couple more times and finally got him to hit again. He missed on his first try but i slowed it down just enough that the second one was a charm.

I was fishing with my smaller rig with just some real lite line and was afratd he was going to braek me off. I hadn't brought the net down so i waited until a car came across the bridge and i started waving like crazy. This young girl named rebecca stopped and she was kind enough to throw my net over the fence to me. Still a couple of good samaritans around.

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Double A
11-19-2010, 09:30 AM
nice job !

way to change up the tactics to get 1 to play :)