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10-11-2010, 04:20 AM
Me an Shad chopper Went fishing last nite we went to the first spot which was on the far west side...

We get out slightly windy but warm so it was all good, grab the poles an start walkin, shortly after about 100 ft we hear cars coming with no lights on so we went lights out also.. NiNJa Style..

ShadChopper told me hey do u smell that an i replied no wut do u smell an he says bacon.. then sure enough 5 seconds later two L.A. County Sheriff's were looking at my truck inside an out..

So i decided to walk up an see wut they wanted, i got about 3 feet away from him then he realized i was there becuz it was so dark he instantly drew his gun an replied GET DOWN.. so yeah that was fun.. Shortly after that i'm in handcuffs an in the back of the police car listening to him run my name.

Once they found out i had no priors or any record they let me go after the cop decided to compliment me on my pole...an gear lol..

Dunno if it was the skeleton facemask i was wearing that got me almost strip searched but yeah good times. Mean while shad Went Runnin for the hills due to he didnt want to deal with them..

So once they left i did the secret striper call shad showed him self an as i was walking to him my sixth sense alerted me of danger i turned on my headlight an there was mr diamond back rattler... he looked p****D so we took a few pictures..

I Didnt want to leave him in the road so i took my pole an flung him off into the desert thought about killing him but since i was in his territory i let him live for now..

We moved to another spot an nothing, next spot, nothing, an finally last spot nothing...

We spent 4 hour total of fishing 3 of which were spent lookin for snakes an 1 spent dealing with the Fuzz!!

So Next Time instead of spending so much time lookin at are feet for snakes well go early morning an well be back out there tuesday for another go at it..



10-11-2010, 09:02 PM
Killing a snake is lame, unless you eat it.

Lol They prob thought you were a Mongol