View Full Version : Castaic 9-24

09-27-2010, 06:38 PM
Just a quick report for people interested:

Was at castaic on the 24, @ openeing, w a ton of boats. Mission was to do a boil patrol for a couple hours first. After checking the ski arm for 000000, we headed to the fish arm. After an hour or so with not even an inkling of a roller, we spot an area of fish in a shallow cove just north of slallom, with noone on it-its about 7:45, and we slide in quietly( key word) quietly, and were done in 25 minutes. 2x limits+++++.

I never did see anyone else on patrol for boils besides 1 guy. Fish were 2-5 lb's, w/ several followers to 10lbs to the corner, w 1 unbutton. I saw approx 15 boats drive right by, i'm assumming without an inkling of what was transpiring?

Our best baits were mostly down baits--hair raisers, castmasters, and flukes, the bait being chased in our boil was 3-4 " issue.

I'm sire the pattern is a bit diff with this heat, but will resume thru fall.

No pics at the moment-will try to post

good fishing everyone................<o)))))))))))>>><