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09-04-2010, 09:11 PM
Went to the pond today..It was slow for everyone except me and my brother:LOL:..Well we got their at 12 within 20 minutes and pretty nice size trout hit my pole..It went over the the bushes and snapped off..So now im warmed :Big Grin: haha..Now it's about 10 minutes later i get a bite it's a small catfish..We caught 5 baby "Tiny" catfish..Because that is a kids pond,they stock little ones..But not little trout..At about 4 o'clock the bite slowed then we were reeling in our poles and BAM a trout hit it good..We got it in and it was like a 2 Pounder lol..At the time we thought it was big because we caught all the liitle ones all day..But we were the only ones who caught anything on the lake LITERALLY..It was sad..But it was fun..I wuldnt go to that lake if your for big fish..Plus you have to be 14 and under to fish their anyways..But their were ALOT of Adults fishing..So the people who own that place don't care

5 Catfish
1 Trout

Team Castin,

Natural Lefty
09-06-2010, 04:20 PM
Team Castin, are you talking about the kid's pond in South Lake Tahoe? It seemed like it but it says you are from Victorville. When I saw your post about Fallen Leaf Lake, I figured it must be the one in Tahoe. My 2 young nieces live in South Lake Tahoe and they go fishing there sometimes. When my wife and I went to their house in June, the older one had just caught a couple of trout there a couple of days earlier. Unfortunately, my wife and I are too old to fish there. :Confused: But that's okay; there are lots of good places to fish around there. My nieces are about 8 and 7 years old.

09-06-2010, 05:44 PM
Yeah we just moved from victorville to sacramento..But we are in south lake tahoe for 2 weeks..Is their any good spots at fallen leaf lake from shore?