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Nessie Hunter
09-26-2009, 05:48 AM
Oppose AB962 Now!

AB962 is sitting on the Governorís desk awaiting his veto or signature. AB962 would mandate the following changes in the way you buy ammunition:

1) It would prohibit the sale of ammo in a manner that allows the ammunition to be accessible without the help of an employee. In other words, youíll have to stand in line and have to wait to be shown the ammunition you may want to purchase.

2) It would require the dealer to ask for you ID each time you buy handgun ammunition and the dealer will record the following personal information:

a. A thumbprint

b. Your CDL #

c. Your home address and telephone number

d. The brand and type of ammunition that you purchased

e. Your date of birth

3) Additionally, it would be illegal to buy ammo via online or mail order methods, so if a local store canít find you older, hard-to-get or obsolete ammunition, you wonít be able to get it from via the internet.

Please contact the Governor today and let him know that you oppose AB962.

You can contact him at 916-445-2841 and do an auto-vote against the bill as follows:

Listen to the recorded message and press in the following order:

1 (English)
2 (legislation)
2 (AB962)
2 (against)

If it is busy Ė keep trying, and it is easier to get through after hours. It is all automated.

Takes about 1 minute...... *DO IT NOW**..... :Angry: :Shocked:

09-26-2009, 09:24 AM
Took me a couple of trys.

09-26-2009, 11:42 AM
I'll be making this call.

Its getting ridiculous to get ammo these days. .

Thanks for posting up Frank

09-27-2009, 11:25 AM
This is why i dont trust our state, OR federal government. They want to control every aspect of our lives. And sadly, we are letting them.

They shouldnt be legally allowed to know every intimate detail of our lives just because we bought some ammo, or a damn gun. This is just disgusting, and very invasive.

09-27-2009, 06:28 PM
just called, it was VERY easy i hope everyone who reads this post calls! this is such BS, all they're doing is making it a PITA to get ammo. i dont see how we'll be any safer with this passing. EVERYONE knows criminals dont walk into turner's to purchase their guns and ammo...all this will do is inconvenience all LAW ABIDING citizens that cherish and enjoy our 2nd amendment rights...

remember, the police are minutes away when seconds count...

09-27-2009, 06:35 PM
Got this email a few days ago. Made the call as soon as I finished reading it. Thanks for spreading the word!

10-05-2009, 08:15 PM
My f-in god! what next? Why does the government try to get rid of firearms? Havent they heard about a little document called the Constitution? Jeeze they already killed the pursuit of happiness, all we have left is guns and ammo!

Arnold where would you be without guns? No terminator series = no money :ROFL:

10-05-2009, 09:56 PM
f the governator hate him,,,
Killing rights to bear arms and fish,,,basstard.

10-05-2009, 10:02 PM
f the governator hate him,,,
Killing rights to bear arms and fish,,,basstard.


Civics class needed here!

10-06-2009, 03:03 PM

Civics class needed here!right to bear arms.... and then the mlpa initiative to fish.... I stated both as two separate actions kiddo,,,

10-06-2009, 04:08 PM
On NBC News Raw they are having a news conferance about this issue. This one guy said they can not track the guns but they sure can track the ammo. What a bunch of crap.

They figured that taking the guns away did not work so they are going after the ammo.