View Full Version : sat bass hunt

06-30-2007, 09:48 PM
went out of newport to try and find some more bass me my nephew my buddy and his girl friend ,hit the end of the jetty about 4:30 went on down south a bit to some spots we have been doin good on

first drop 2 nice bass

second drop 1 sheephead

third drop nice bass

forth drop ..sun peaks up ....fish turn off
fished the area for another 4-5 hours not even a mack had severl barries chase jigs to the boat just to turn
kept working down the line just to find some blue pearch at least they where fun on 6lbs test and ultra lites
kinda figured maybe the almost full moon had something to do with the bass shutting off
sooooooooooo i am going to try goin out tomorrow night (sun) goin to try and get on the water about 4:00pm that would put on the spots about 5 ish and stay on out till 5 or 6 am
oh i did have my camera but forgot to use it .............................. Bob