View Full Version : SM Pier 09-08

09-08-2009, 04:56 PM
Been a member for a day or two and haven't posted in awhile simply cause I have not had much to post. Today on the other hand I decided to head down to SM Pier for a little quiet time for me.
Arrived at 6:00am to a low tide on the way in, made my way out toward the end (just before the police station) and set up. One rod to catch bait, one rod to fish live bait and one rod for a drop shot or whatever. The last few weeks have been pretty slow, a few shorts each trip but not much else including not much bait. We have had a lot of pinheads in the area though so I brought some gulp 3" watermelon pearl with me and some 4" smelt as well to DS. Today was a little different, lots of smelt and lots of Pins so no problem setting up a bait rig. Most of the smelt were in the 4-6" range with a few smaller ones down to 3" as well as some tommies (hearring to some). Not much action though most of the morning, a few small bites (mostly lizards) but not much else. So I tossed a watermelon pearl out and walked over to the smoking zone and as I return I see something splash the water. Interested I grab the DS and start reeling in and what the, something's on. Run a bit toward the pier, has a little pull, but not much. Not a pancake, " Maybe a white seabass someone says!"...but moved to fast for that I thought maybe a mack had picked it up off the bottom the way it fely, but no I was wrong....to my suprise it was about a 2lb bonito. After a quick show I let it go (sorry no pic, underprepared and I CNR) and watched as everyone rigged a rod for bones to no avail.
Not too bad, of a suprise, but outside of that, headed home around noon with no sightings of much else for the day.

Just thought I would share my suprise for the day....hope you all enjoy.