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08-08-2009, 11:29 PM
My grandman lives down the street basicaly so since im up here for a lil while i decided to take out my tarpon 100 and see what damage i could do.. I fished from around 5 to 7:30. Fishing was easy on dink bass on the black grubs on a jighead (my guess is that they imitated tadpoles or something).

The Dinks...

I wanted to find some bigger bass so i paddled into some messier/wilder territory and right as the sun came down they all seemed to become more active...



^even the bluegill came out to play

Finally as im heading back i notice bass are crashing prey on the surface... so without any second thought i tied on a Rebel Pop-R and voila!

I must say topwater bass fishing is BY FAR THE MOST EXCITING method of fishing PERIOD. i honestly wish bass would hit like that all year round!

In total i caught 9 largemouth and 1 bluegill... all of which were released of course.... This is definitely a nice little lake but Im not sure how well it can be fished from the shoreline due to all the veggies. Let me know if any of you guys have had any experience on this lake!

08-09-2009, 09:10 AM
Hey BishopTrouter. I've fished this lake many times in the last two years for trout in the Winter and early Spring. Last year it was great. This last year the weeds have been so bad that I gave up trying. Every cast came in with weeds attached. That's the trout report. I understand, as you found out, bass and gills are good most of the year, although I'm mostly a trout man. If you've got time, stop in at my blog. I've got a couple of reports from Mather Lake.


Mark (Shoreman)

06-13-2010, 07:41 AM
Oh yeah back in days I used to sneek on the base and fish my little butt off
Im from Cordova
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