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Greg Madrigal
05-04-2009, 10:03 PM
Been a while since I posted cuz I haven't really been fishing much in a few months. Fishinmofo took our annual trip to Loreto for 7 days in April. We stayed at our awsome friends' beautiful compound about a 5 minute walk from the Marina. They also rent perfect lil casitas on the property that I helped construct!
Here are the casitas, and they broke ground on a new swimmimg pool while we were there!
They know a guy there, Nacho, who runs a 4 boat operation and gave us a great Capt, Salvador. This guy knew exactly how to get us on the fish!

Wake up Andres! Time to fish!:)

The weather couldn't have been more pleasant! NO humidity and great temps. for fishing. Oh, it was blown out 4 the first 2 days tho, so we just relaxxxxed....and had a nice time just hanging out in the quaint lil town that Loreto is. Friendly faces, hospitable folks.

On Saturday, we decided to take a taxi ride down 20miles to the south to Puerto Escondido. We fished there last time and had a good time. It was pretty sheltered from the wind so we boogied. Here are some pics of the awesome scenery down around Loreto...


Andy with just ONE of the many bulls-eye puffers he caught and tortured on the count that he wanted to see them "Puff up." "Goddamit ANDY!!!!"

Me with a local trigger that we gave to a family with 5 kids...

Me with an unknow species CPR'd. Sculpin of sorts???? CAught near the concrete pier we were fishing from on remnats (after the triggers had their way with it) of my Gulp! jerkshad
You'll find out later about this pic....Keep reading!
Andy sitting in a pile of bird shi%. I know, I know, I tried to tell him!

Every morning, we would head a few miles North of town and catch our own bait as it was plentiful once the sun rose. We hooked several species on our sabikis incl. Big eyes, small jacks, sardinias, and macks. All baits worked well, but the big-eyes I would say were best. Oh yeah, don't be taking no wimpy sabikis down there, cuz the lizardfish will eat em right off!
These happen to be 2 of the SEVEN jacks Andy landed on this haul!

Me jigging bait. Nice "pole shot" Andy!

DAY 1, we set off for the North end of Isla Carmen just 13 miles offshore. the sunrises were nice...


We fished yellow with 30lb mono in about 60-100 feet with a 1 or 1.5 oz. sliding egg sinker just above the bait or up above the swivel (my preferred method to ward off the ever present triggers who munch on yer bait).
Self portrait...
We waited till the suckers peeled line, and wound to set the #4 circle hooks we used and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND! All fish were hooked in the corner of their mouths.

I boated 2 nice ones around 20lbs.
Andy got 2 equals and one POOR LIL BABY.......Babykiller Andy:/ Rookie fisherman!!!!!
First day's slaughter...

Day 2, another great sunrise...

we went for yellers offshore, but somewhat near Isla Carmen. Looked for birds and found em!
Get her ANDY!


Hooked two fat 25's around 9am at this spot, and then looked around for nada.

We decided to hit a small bay for roosters. We dropped in at the back of this Caribbean blue bay maybe 40 feet from shore in 10-20' of water. My bait was in the water 45 seconds as I was letting out line and suddenly, Swoosh.! We see a boil where my bait WAS. Suddenly the line starts SCREAMING off the reel! I was like WTF!?!?!!? THAT was easy! And I was so excited cuz all I ever wanted outta this trip was a pic with a FAT rooster! This thing was WAY stronger than the YT we'd caught. Cap'n said the big ones don't jump and we never saw it, but I would bet it was well over 50lbs! I was fighting this beast and PRAYINGGGG that it would hold, then I realized, he was heading STRAIGHT for a sailboat anchor! We whipped the boat around and got the line off the anchor. He had just angled the line around the chain. We also had an audience as the sailboat couple were watching us thru binocs as we fought further & further away from them. This fish had SHOULDERS!
Here's the ONE pic Andy got of me fighting this thing.... Check how shallow, and we started trolling RIGHT next to shore.
He kept going and going and there wasn't a damn thing I could do about it! Seemed as though he stopped and was tangled????? Then he started peeling line again and POP! Snapped the line and I had to reel in a couple hundred yards of line! This sucker had me 1/2 way through my large spooled calcutta 700s. I was bummed but thoroughly enjoyed my 10 minutes of Rooster heaven! I got to fight him! It was fuuuun too!

Trolled for a hour or so more for nada.
On the way home, we entered a pod of porpoise maybe a thousand strong. Pretty cool as we were surrounded by them. We slowed to enjoy their presence....
Continued at PART 2!!!!!....