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03-24-2009, 03:23 AM
Small Video from 03 / 17 / 09 Fishin Trip to The Vine
( Report on the day is Below )


03-24-2009, 06:58 PM
That's one cool video Dan! Good times.

03-24-2009, 07:39 PM
Awesome job Dan Da Man, how do I sign up for one of your charters? Thanks for sharing your day here on FNN.


03-24-2009, 11:46 PM
Man i think im gonna miss her also ! Very well put video !

03-25-2009, 12:07 AM
Great job on the video Dan! Thanks for sharing!


03-25-2009, 12:33 AM
Nice video .... wish my day was that good at the vine (with her) haha ... thanks for sharing man.


03-25-2009, 07:43 AM
Way to rock the vine my friend. Great Job!!!!!

03-25-2009, 04:37 PM
I have to regretably say that I have never fished Lake Irvine. Been there a few times for outings but never fished. Yea, "WTF?!"


Some extended family calls me and mentions that his son will be making his semi annual visit to Dad from Arizona this week. He would like to take him fishing and he asked if I would take them someplace for good catching. This is Peter and his son Kyle. Great people.


The suggestion for Irvine gets applause and we schedule it for St. Patty's Day. I can't wait - I hear a lot, so I hope for the best.

We arrive and the day is starting beautiful. 68 degree morning, and reaching 78 - 80 degrees by afternoon. Water temp is 63 degrees ( per Bassmen passin by later in the day )

We set up at the Boat Ramp west from the entrance. The water is higher than it had been. We were going for Trout Island, but access is under 3 feet of water. ( Whitney in the Bait Shop said there will be 12 linear feet added to their lake soon )


6:30 am My rods have extended their stealthy lines into the Lake. And Peter and Kyle continue to set up. I tried to assist in what was biting but they prefered single hooks, Nightcrawlers and one Drop Shot set up with two hooks.


Maybe 7:30 am - I'm hooked up with big bro numero uno.


Near 8:00 am - I have two bulls chewin steel jerky.



There is an older man named Robert that I see on the Ramp that hooks up. I run to fetch his net and assist. He pulls it in and insists I keep his fish. After much humility I accept the cheerful giver.


I added that third to my stringer and almost 10:00 am Robert stikes again. I asked if Kyle wanted to help him, "No". - Hey Peter how about you?, "No" - sheesh !

I run over there and assist again, also returning with another fish that I put on their stringer and insist they keep it.

Somewhere in the middle of all this I asked Peter to just try the Green Zeek's I'm using..... ( silence ) ....... "Ok" - I dunno, I think maybe he just didn't like being helped in front of his son, or that's just him. He put it on one rod and I gave him a treble or two, and one on Kyle's.

But all be damned - His Drop shot Nightcrawler combo-hook setup hits a passerby!!! He now has the largest fish of the day.... Now he's too proud to change that rig out no matter what I say. - LOL


All is good up until The A Team ( not A for Outstanding, or A for number one, unless it's the finger ) cruises their Patio boat inside the bouys and starts casting at our spots... YEA ! "WTF?"


I call the Bait Shop and they say they will assist. Whitney comes out and it's the first time I meet him. He says, "Are you Dan? - This phones for you." - HUH? - I take the phone and it's Bingjr... LOL..... He's askin how the day is going, since I have been sendin' him texts. Then Whitney yells for the "Short Boat Crew" to stay outside the bouys.

Just as I thought..... They drive far enough to lean in on the nearest bouy......whatever!


Then I get my third strike and catch to fill in the Fourth spot on the stringer. Which, by the way, was Now The Biggest one of the day. !!




Peter looks irritated and it's only 11:30 am - I mention that maybe we should try the Flats as was suggested by Bingjr and Whitney. He agrees. Now he wants to head to the Bait Shop and get Powerbait of his own and a couple rod holders to replace his chair prop set up. Their both using two rods each and he buys two holders. ......Ok....

We're at The Flats, but the first cove is taken by One truck with One person with 4 rods - And the other side by One White Hummer of Three people and 12 rods.... YEA. "WTF?"


We offroad to the point past the concrete boat ramp under water. Camp is set - rods in water.

Peter has this Bright Green Rod that was his fathers. I mean seriously, that's way cool.... But it was so weathered, the eyelets looked like they were formed from orangy brown mud, they were so Rusted!! ( I wish I took a Picture )

Well he takes that St. Patty's Deluxe rod, casts, and shoves it into some Friggin Pyramid shaped rock pile he constructed. By this time of the day, I feel like I have said way too much, advice was being rebounded with silence.

He walks 20 feet away from it and casts his Drop Shot Double Trouble nightcrawler Sheleighly into the lake and sets it ..." in front of him "... in the new holder. His son comandere's the other.

About 20 min. later - "KAPLOOOOSH !!" I look over to see this large splash ring in the distance fade into the liquid blanket of the lake. "What was that?" I exclaimed..... Peter said, "DAMMIT, My Dad's rod shot right into the lake.."

Oh man I couldn't resist... I laughed, I looked, I asked Kyle to cast out for it. No Way ! It was gone gone. That was a big fish!.... I walked down to some others fishing and asked them if they catch the Prized Leprachaun Fish they get a Green Rod also.... all we ask is for the rod back.... Peter wasn't finding humor in this....lol


He heads out to the Bait Shop to buy another rod and two more rod holders...lol......


After a couple huge hits that broke off I snatched my best fight of the day which gave me limit.


Peter and Kyle started to move all their stuff on the other side of me thinking I must have the sweet spot.

Aside from not wanting to take suggestions, Kyle was the Cast - then 30 seconds later reel in - then cast again guy - all day. I felt for them and at the same time thought... " I'm Done trying to help those that don't want it, and won't help others. "

We reeled it all in after another move later.


The day was done. At the cleaning station a gentleman came up with a Trout and asked if anyone wanted it. I told Kyle to take it... "No" - Peter walks up and I mention the dude is just going to discard the fish, so he reluctantly takes it.

They finished with 3 - that made me happy. I got Limit and that made me happy too.

Green for the day and Green Light for "Go to the Vine" every chance I get now... I love it !!.



Tight Lines, Sweet Spots, and Keepin It Reel
Dan The Man

03-25-2009, 06:27 PM
Great report and pics/movie Dan. You truly are da man! I was laughing about the lost rod and your comments. Last time I fished SARL a bird got tangled up in my nephews line and after we cut the line and got him free I started to hand pull in his line. When I finally get it all the way in I see what looks like a brand new rod and reel at the end of the line! Turns out the bird snagged another line down the beach before running into my nephews but he took this guys rod with him. Deducing what happened I walked down and asked if someone was missing a rod and a guy came over a bit embarrassed but said yeah and claimed his rod. It was a great story to re-tell over the beers he brought over to share with us as thanks!

03-25-2009, 08:12 PM
GREAT report and pics. Dan. Congrats on everyone having a good time and catching trout. I almost lost a $$$$ fishing rod & reel today. Those trout are Rod & Reel steelers!!!!! Its funny if it happends to someone else. Not to funny when it happends to you. :Smile::Wink: See you at the lake next time.:Smile: