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01-03-2009, 05:23 PM
Looking for anyone who wants to meet up at irvine tomorow and fish im getting dropped off tomorow and i hate fishing alone so i was wondering if anyone wanted to go out i got all gear needed for me. Looking for someone who knows the lake better then me ive only gone 3 times so i looking for some guidance if u got i boat im willing to pay u some money for me to ride alond would be very appreciated.

Call me:909 921 4503
my name is blake
leave me a message if i dont pick up
or text me

01-03-2009, 07:29 PM
I would love to go fishing again. I'm just too tired. I drive a long way,back and forth. The drive going is cool. The drive back is a MOTHER! The 5 kills me. I have to have a rest in between. Maybe next Sunday if the weather is nice. Good luck in finding someone. The Magic Man Mitz is a cool Guy to talk to or Troutman 65,Patrick. Patrick is security. Patrick wears shorts in 10 degree weather,so you won't miss him. He will also be yellin' to the boaters"Get behind thr bouye line."He can tell you what to use and where to go to use it.
Mitz has been a Volunteer at the lake for over 20 years. He has all the knowledge. If you are lucky to see and fish with Art(Dr. Hook) another knowledgable man. I can go on and on. Look for a Team 57 member,they may be wearing their shirt. I have met all friendly people out there. You won't be alone for long. Good luck! Hope you catch DD fish and your limit. Cindy:Big Grin: