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01-02-2009, 05:41 PM
The amount of the big fish the lake has been spitting out lately has been mind boggling!!!! It was like a big fish parade today! They just kept coming up.. One after the other big Trout where brought up to the scales from diffrent locales. One things for sure this last front but the big fish on the chew. Not only where the big boys on the chew but so where the "regular" sized fish.
Jason Allingham of Corona got the biggest fish today with this brute of a Rainbow Trout. Jason's fish weighed 14.2 on the lake's scales and was taken while fishing a Flo Green mini Panther Martin near the dam area. Very impressive fish Jason.
Don Tucker of Irvine also managed to weigh in a identical 14.2 Rainbow Trout. While fishing of all things a Panther Martin. Don made his catch at the Red Clay Cliffs.
Ty Wythey of Tustin bagged this monsterous 13.80 Rainbow while fishing Salmon/peach Powerbait off Trout Island.
Efren Tabback of Covina also fished the Trout Island area and managed to land this nice 12.14 Rainbow Trout.
Omar Casas of Redondo decieded to troll the lake today and boy was he ever rewarded. He was pulling a Rapala in the Orange and Gold Color (goldfish) when this 10.0 even Rainbow bit.
Al Timac of Surfcity USA (Hunigton Beach) fished the West shore with a nightcrawler when this beautiful 9.0 Rainbow bit.
Patrick Shaugnessy of Highland wasn't just pleased with one trophy trout so he had to go and get himself two. Patrick's fish where both taken on trolled Rapalas and weighed 8.0 and 9.2 respectively.
Here is one of the limit pictures we took today. I pretty much choose this one because it is adorable. I love to see kids getting involved in the sport. So here is Kaden Mckinnon, Alden Livingston, Ryan Torti and Luca Torti all of San Diego with their limits taken on Yellow Power Bait.
If your after that personal best or trophy trout now is the time to come out here. It has been unreal the last few days!!!

01-02-2009, 06:17 PM
Love the fatties! I will get one of those some day.:Shocked: Cindy

Granny Fish
01-02-2009, 10:50 PM
Congratulations boys, job well done.

01-02-2009, 11:00 PM
Big pics! I can see those ! Congrats to everyone !