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12-26-2008, 11:16 AM
hey hope all Fnners had a great Christmas and all othe fishing people.
Question, about Hesperia Lake. how many has fished Hesperia lake after they have claimed to have stocked 2000lbs of trout, every Monday and Thursday?
I go to victorville every Christmas to take my brother visting from Utah and my 78yr old dad
fishing. We decided to go to Hesperis so on Monday, we take a drive to the lake to see if it was crowed because they was supossed have stocked. When we got to the lake there was only 6 people on the lake. Stopped in the store to find out why so few people fishing they said the weather has been keeping them away. ( I though yea right!)
Tuesday morning up at five oclock got coffee arrived at Hesperia Lake, first ones to buy passes went to a spot that we have seen several people fight to get, spread out for the first time ever at hesperia and started to fish, 1hr goes by dad caught a 6lb strugen, I tried dropshoting lipziper worms orange white, chartruse, red white, white. roster tails kastmasters silver gold and what ever spinner had in box nothing.
few more people around the lake no one was catching any fish remember they claimed to have stocked 2000lbs of trout and i forgot to tell you in addition they claimed to have stocked 1000 or 1200lb of strugen. When they came around to check our fish, we asked again if they stocked and they resured us that they had must be the wheater. let me tell you it was a beauitful day very little wind sun traveling in and out of clouds.
I decided to take a walk and talk to some of the others fishing and ask them what they though about the fish not biting, the people that I spoke with said this has been going on for along time they claimed to have stocked but very few fish being caught. I ask a fisherman if they stocked on Monday he said no he was there all day waiting but nothing happened.
the rest of the day kept trying to catch fish throwing every thing, all colors of power bait. end of the day between 5 of us total count was 2 strugen 3 trout. Even the comurants was puzzeld they kept flying around looking did see a few jump but nothing that could indecate 2000lbs of trout?
I ask one of the staff if there was a record of the stock he said they don't have one?

Before any one jumps on me I have fished this lake several times and have caught my limits but the last two yerrs i have to question the stocking numbers

My question is how do we keep these private lakes accountable or prove that they are stocking the lbs that are being suggested. tough times money tight?

Team Santana
12-26-2008, 03:35 PM
I dont wanna wrongly say that they didn't stock but I used to go to that lake 20+ times a year. I now absolutely hate that lake, im sorry but its dirty. How are the trout supposed to eat when they are adapted to clear streams and then get put into a murky dirty water lake..... MY OPINION....the water reminds me of fairmount park water, and atleast fairmount trys to do something about it. Sorry..... but that lake doesn't exist in my book

Santa Fe Eric
12-26-2008, 04:34 PM
From what I understand, they get their fish from Jess Ranch, which IMHO are consistently some of the better fighting beautiful fish stocked. Dre Style and I walked around their hatchery last year-it was very clean. The water at Jess is filtered and I've only seen the water look bad in 1 out of 10 trips there.
Seeing fish get raised in the water at Jess and then dumped into Hesperia helps you to understand why these fish don't bit as much. . . They are just trying to breathe. I bet if you put an oxygen pellet on a treble hook and threw it into Hespria you would catch three fish on one treble hook.
I used to love Hesperia lake. Still my biggest fish to date was caught at Hesperia in 2006, so I still commit to one trip there a year until they make improvements.
I think the new ownership up there started about 2 years ago.

Just my :My Two Cents:

12-26-2008, 07:56 PM
Santa Fe!

They are just trying to breathe. I bet if you put an oxygen pellet on a treble hook and threw it into Hespria you would catch three fish on one treble hook.

Dude, I laughed my butt off on that line.............thanks I needed that.

Tight lines all

12-27-2008, 09:42 AM
They stock Hesperia Lake regularely. Problem I think is with water clarity, fish can't see the bait or lures! They attempted to do something about it but it was too late in the season and the organisms they were using to clear out the crap aren't active in cold water. I have spoken several times with the lake manager and with a friend with the parks department.

Don't think there's a solution for the bite until they clear that water up. The fish they are stocking this year are the Nebraska Tailwalkers, beautiful fish but kind of going to waste at this point.

There's a reason nobody is fishing there, fish aren't biting. Although if you read the local papers fishing report (name will go unmentioned) the bite is always mentioned as 'good'. Sure it is....

12-27-2008, 10:38 AM
As for me, i hate hesperia lakes.. stopped going there about 2 years ago.. me , my bro n law and the kids would always go back in the day and all of us would catch our limits.. Its not like that anymore.. I stay away , for one things its to expensive to fish there, the water is freakin dirty, and you dont catch fish.. Not my kind of fishing... I go to the narrows and do really good now days. as for hesperia lakes, it s in the past. they really need to do something to get me to go back, LIKE LOWERING THE PRICES....