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05-29-2007, 08:38 AM
First off thanks to those who helped with info on my other post prior to my trip there.

Started off in the wee hours getting ready for the drive. We left orange county around 430am and got there around 11am. It wasnt long before i ditched the family and took the boat out! :)

Not sure of where to go, i started off trolling a gold and red Mepps jig of the far shore line. The one where the road isnt. Just about two minutes in i get a strike and up comes a decent 10 inch trout. The key i found was to really work the areas where you got strikes over and over. The fish seemed schooled and kept to one area pretty constantly. After a few fish trolling, it became pretty obvious that this one area near a creek entrance was the hot area. So i stopped the boat, through out the anchor and just made long casts. This area kicked out another 4 to 5 fish in about 30 mins. Nothing big, mostly the stock fish, all about 10-12 inches. By then i had to get back and help the family get setup. In the afternoon, i decided to take out the wife and head over to the cove just to the right of the harbor there at the mono village. This was definitly the hot ticket. The trout were schooled up there pretty good and everyone could be seen reeling the fish in. The fish were all stockers. 10 -12 inch fish. The best baits were the typical gold colors, the thomas bouyants were hot and the best overall jig for me was the green, orage and yellow tube jig with a orange power bait worm as a trailer on the hook. The trout were fighting each other for it. In all me and the wife caught and released about 20 or so trout and kept a couple that were decent pan size.
One thing i noticed, these fish were all stockers. No one caught much else. The derby they had for the weekend didnt produce much in #'s of big fish. The first palce fish when i left was some thing like 4.6lbs and second was 3.5 lbs. There werent many others that broke the 1 lb range caught. If it wasnt for the 1600lbs they put in for this weekend, the lake would have been pretty dead.

Thanks again to those who gave me some help with the lake.
Sorry no pics, i seemed to have lost my camera and dont know where it went.


05-30-2007, 02:27 PM
Thanks for the report ScottD


05-30-2007, 02:51 PM
No Problem, If anyone has any questions about the fishing and wants more details , dont be afraid to ask. I didnt want to include to many details because i didnt want to write that much.