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Fish Dog
05-26-2007, 10:03 PM
Ok, I cogitated on this a little and, after looking at some commercially available line winders, I decided it didn’t look to hard to build one. When I get an idea like this my standard procedure is to kind of plan out what I’m going to make and what I’ll need but then keep an opened mind when I wonder through the hardware store looking for my stuff. Anyway, after wondering through the hardware store, and modifying my design a few times when I’d find something that would work better then what I had planned or already picked up, I ended up spending about $80. (Although I didn’t end up using all the parts I bought so I’m guessing this ended up costing about $60).

Here’s what I came up with.


Most of the metal parts I picked up in the lumber area of the hardware store. I think they are various brackets for making decks. The drill motor I already had. I had an old motor speed control that would have made things easier but when I hooked it up it didn’t work. I also made a spool so I could strip the old line off the reels. It is simply an old bulk line spool that I cut in half and then bolted back together.

(Here’s the spool)





I cut it in half so I could just unbolt it and dump the old line.

For winding on the line I make a couple different sized “L’s? out of 1/4" rod. The base holding the reel is just pipe. I drilled and tapped the pipe so it’s adjustable for different size reels. Since almost all of my reels clamp to my rods I just put some tape on the pipe and clamp the reels on. I my eventually get a reel seat to put on this pipe. I used wing nuts and springs and nylon spacers to mount the spool of line to give it a little tension.



Problems I have encountered that I’m still trying to tweak:

The tensioning system using the wing nuts, springs and nylon spacers tends to either tighten up or loosen up, (depending on what side I put the inside wing nut on), as the spool turns. I’m thinking about adding some type of bearing to try to prevent this. It tends to overrun if it loosens too much and it gets tight enough to slow down the drill if it tightens too much.

I need to shorten the pipes that go from the base to the “T? pipes. The way it is now it works but makes a wobble with a 4/0 sized reel as I can’t quite line the drill up with the handle. It’s actually pretty smooth if the drill is lined up with the handle.

The adjustment screws on the pipes need to be really tight. Unless they are really tight the reel tends to move a little as the line is wound on. It runs much smoother with everything cranked down tightly with pliers.

I also need to get a variable speed foot pedal so I can just lock the drill in the “on? position and then vary the speed as need with my foot so I have both hands free to guide the line and help steady things.

Anyway, it actually works pretty good so I though I’d share some pictures with everybody. I’m going to “play? with it some more and probably improve things a little.

05-27-2007, 02:24 PM
That's a nice little project. Thanks for sharing the "how to."