View Full Version : Mckinlyville and Arcata fishing knowledge requested!

07-20-2008, 12:49 AM
good day/evening to you all,

i normaly fallow and post so/cal bays harbors and piers, 'cause thats where i fish, however in the middle of september im traveling up north and will be in mckinlyville for a week. i plan on throwing something in the surf there and possibly in Trinidad, also i know there are alot of cool rivers around there. so i am asking for any tid-bits one could share in maximizing my water time there and possibaly share a vague spot i could venture too. i plan on releasing all fish, im a CPR fisherman and will leave each stop off point better than when i arrived. so thanx to those whom fished there and share what they can, if your down south hit me up and ill repay the favor. thank you for your time and effort.