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I saw Norris Trapp, Davies Locker Mang. on Ch 7 news story today about the growing Sea Lion population has affected the sportfishing and Bait Co. in the southland. They showed a bait barge in the channel. Newport Bait Co.? The news crew went on a trip to catalina on the Freelance and showed interviews with passengers and Norris while fishing the back side of the Island. I thought it was a good report. The one Deck hand they showed was Dennis I think. I use to go on the 1/2 day boats out of Davies and he was working on them. Now it seems he is on the freelance. Dennis, I am almost sure of his name, ( been a few years sence I went out of Davies) was always very helpful to the customers that came on the boat. I always tip before the trip and after to make sure I get the help and guideance I require to catch fish. Anyway, nice that you got some air time on the local news Dennis. If anyone saw this news spot today let me know here by posting. If I am correct about the deck hand Named Dennis on the Freelance let me know too. Thanks TM65

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Potential methods for use by fishers to deter Pacific harbor seals and California sea lions from damaging gear or catch (anglers must be actively fishing with gear deployed).

Visual Repellents/Noise Makers:
boat hazing, circling
pounding on hull
pyrotechnics (e.g., bird screamers, bangers, underwater firecrackers, cracker shells)
starter pistols*
horns, bells, whistles

Physical Contact:
sling shots
paint ball guns* (paint balls must be non-toxic and water soluble)
non-lethal ammunition (e.g., rubber bullets, sabot rounds, game stingers)

heh heh heh, does airsoft count? >:D

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Thanks for the link. Dennis is a cool dude.

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so sling shots are allowed to peg em with?

05-24-2007, 08:12 AM
Where is that info from?

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Thats all really good info. Im going to the big 5 to buy a sling shot. I have had too many fish taken by them critters. Im tired of being in the float tube and them pulling me about twenty feet and then i get half my fish.

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Dennis is a great guy! supercool and helpful!

05-24-2007, 11:09 AM
Interesting article. I wouldn't call it news though, I can hear them barking right now................ 8)

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12 Gauge Slug. :evil: