View Full Version : God, I can't wait to go back east in July

04-11-2008, 10:22 AM
The following is an email to my Dad from a friend of his and then the email from my Dad to me:

My Dad's friend:
Caught a 10 pound bass yesterday on "Miss Prissy". The Blue-gill and Bass are hitting like crazy. Wednesday evening I caught 75 fish in 1:45. Yesterday I caught 25 in about an hour and a half. When I caught the big one I was able to call Mary Ann on my cel phone and she took a picture of the catch before I released it. Now I know that there is at least one big bass still in the lake. If I can figure out how to send the photo on the web, I'll mail you one; your son might be interested in it.
I was primarily after Blue-gill, but you never know what will hit in this lake. Oh yes: that is the largest bass I have ever caught with a fly, I was surprised the 6 pound test line held, particularly since it had a wind knot in it. Lucky!

My Dad to me:
Got the email above from my golfing/fishing buddy yesterday. I will send you a pic of the fish as soon as he sends it to me. Maybe you can make him a celebrity too,lol.

Oh yes, did I mention that he said you could come over & fish with him anytime at the lake where he lives. Do you think you could handle catching 100 fish in three hours over a in two day period?

matt duarte
04-11-2008, 02:58 PM
hell ya bro! im going to west virgina in aug.! im gonna tear it up out there gonna show my wifes family what a swimbait can do! haha i cant wait gonna fish all the local lakes and proly the ohio river as well!