View Full Version : Fishing at Lake Spaulding: A Kayak Fisherman’s Paradise

04-04-2008, 04:59 AM
Lake Spaulding is considered to be a kayak fisherman's paradise amongst those who are fortunate to discover this dazzling jewel.

One of the most attractive features of this lake is the solitude. It is not only rich in beauty; it also offers excellent fishing opportunities for King and Chinook Salmon, Brown, Rainbow and Mackinaw Trout in the early spring and fall. Fishing during the spring and fall for Brown Trout is usually better than during the summertime, but there’s still good trout action in the summertime. However, in the beginning of the year, just as the snow pack melts, is the ideal time of year to land a big brown.

The fishing opportunities are immense at Lake Spaulding ever since the Department of Fish and Game began stocking the lake with 15,000 rainbows and 5,000 brown trout along with Chinook Salmon. The kayak fishing season usually begins from late May through October, depending on snow melt-off. Low water levels typically occur in the late summer that can create unmarked water hazards, especially along the shore. The wind can howl at times at this scenic retreat, but you can almost always find good, sheltered areas to catch fish.

Lake Spaulding offers a choice of other outdoor recreational opportunities, including all types of boating, but the lake’s icy-cold water temperature deters windsurfing, jet and waterskiing. This medium-sized lake has only one boat launch access, a tiny parking lot, and a small campground with twenty-five campsites located on the southern shore. The limited number of campsites are on a first-come, first-served basis, so you may want to have alternative camping plans in case the campground is full when you arrive. Their small size helps reduce the crowds and boat congestion.

Lake Spaulding is located in the Sierra Nevada at 5000’ elevation, about 30 miles west of Lake Tahoe, off of Highway 20. Large vehicles and RVs will not be able to reach the lake due to the narrow distance between the trees along Lake Spaulding Road.

I feel very lucky to have discovered this outstanding getaway. Only a few places in California can rival its beauty.

04-04-2008, 10:28 AM
That is a really beautiful looking lake.

Another SKY find to add to my TO DO list.