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05-13-2007, 09:15 PM
I just got back from a three day trip to the Sierra’s. The weather at Crowley had frost on the docks in the morning and in the upper eighty’s by afternoon. Started off on Friday picking up a Fishing Buddy, model 2202, at the Trout Fly for $229 (yikes) bit the darn thing didn’t give me an accurate depth. :? Sitting in 15 feet of water (did the old dropping the anchor and hand count the depth), the darn thing read out 3-32 feet of water while on anchor! :o Of course, I returned it and got a full refund on my card. I sure miss my old Fishing Buddy 2 which never failed in 14 years until I dropped it last summer. :evil: Back to fishing – after paying for a rental boat ($80) I started fishing in McGee Bay around 9:30 fishing with Gulp eggs, PB (rainbow) and inflated crawlers at 12-36 inch leaders in 15 feet of water without a bite. But the wind kicked up at 10:55 from the south and was howling! Most of the boaters called it quits but I toughed it out. :lol: After my anchor was blown off, I tried trolling for the next 2 hours using the passion pink mirro-lure, then the flame mirror-lure followed by needlefish in perch, bikini, bubblegum (usually a killer) and red dot frog from 2-4 colors to no avail. :cry: I decided to hide from the winds and fished Beaver Cove, again, not a bite. After the winds died down, I took a break at the tackle shop and the cleaning tables. A few of the successful fishermen noted they used short leaders (12-16 inches) along with a variety of baits. I went back out to McGee Bay in 18 feet of water and on my last cast, caught a small ‘bow while retrieving my crawler. :) One fish in 7 hours! :oops:

Saturday, I was one of the first rentals out and decided to try Sandy Point in 16 feet of water. I was using a 12-16 inch 2 pound fluorocarbon leader with an inflated crawler. I watched all those fly fishermen in boats and float tubes catch fish after fish using midges 15 feet below the surface. :wink: So I pulled anchor and headed over to the West Shores in 18 feet of water. While trying to set my first cast, I caught my first fish. :) I caught 3 in my first hour. :D Four hours later, I had my limit and fished even with the wind that kicked up (but not as strong as Friday) at noon. Had a two pounder included in my limit. Ate one of the small ‘bows for lunch. Those pink flesh ‘bows are terrific eating fare!

Mother’s day, I left the marina at 7 am and was back at the marina with my limit by 9:30. All were on inflated crawlers with a 14 inch leader in 18 feet of water in the West Shores. :arrow: Yes, I was dialed in!!! 8) :o 8) After I started the motor and started to pull my anchors, 2 boats pulled their anchor and were moving in before I pulled my second anchor. :x I guess they saw my limit of 2-4 pounders I just pulled out of that spot! :roll: But what they don’t know is that before I cast the crawler, I dipped them in the crushed trout egg slurry I kept from the day prior cleaning! :wink: Trout eggs is still one of my favorite baits!

Until next time…

-- Greg --

05-13-2007, 09:24 PM
Thanx for the report. Sounds like a good time.

05-13-2007, 09:59 PM
sounds liked you did finally get dialed in! I am trying this weekend wish me luck :!:

Fear No Trout
05-13-2007, 10:20 PM

Thanks for the heads up on the Crowley. I can't wait to get my line wet for the first time of the season on Tuesday.

Sorry about the you fishfinder. For the money, the Fishing Buddy will do the trick especially if you use rental boats like myself.

So did you find the perch?

Fear No Trout

05-14-2007, 07:58 AM
I'll be looking at E-Bay to buy a used Fishing Buddy II. This is the second 2202 I've picked up with the same problem but Cabellas took it back right away. :D

Didn't do any perching since I left all my perching tackle at home (bummers). :oops: Plus, it was so slow for me on Friday and Saturday that I did not have time to perch. :( Hope you have a good one. That spot we fished at last year in the West Shores is HOT!!! 18 feet of water with a short leader (14 inches).

-- Greg --

05-14-2007, 04:31 PM
Great report !!! Thanks for the post.