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  1. Guide trip tues tim lloyd bloody striper massacre mr stripey wont be the same
  2. where are the boils...
  3. Guide trip weds ernie gets his slay on
  4. Guide trip thurs dave and t/o fight till the end
  5. Castaic Closer, Part 1
  6. More Lagoon Action
  7. Bako two dayer at Castaic
  8. Guide trip sun jordan a very unique and special day killing mr stripey
  9. What a cluster of a day! My hats off to T/O!
  10. finally the boil closed to shore
  11. Guide trip trifecta fri-sun-mon-ray-tony-chris -lori-jose-jose
  12. the next days
  13. Guide trip thurs big dave kills some more
  14. Castaic report for 10/7 and questions on the lake
  15. 10-5 report,,, sorta report
  16. Castaic 10/8/12
  17. Going Fishing Thrusday Morning. How bad do the boat lines get on a weekday?
  18. Castaic Today
  19. wide open at the dam
  20. Saturday Report
  21. Limit on bait!
  22. Tough day at castaic, sunday
  23. Saturday Castaic, first striper trip of the year
  24. stripers in tha lagoon.....................
  25. Tuna In The Lagoon!!! (seriously)http://fishingnetwork.net/forum4/images/smilies/icon
  26. "A Public Apology To BassRon"
  27. Half day guide trip thurs back from the dead jake-izzy
  28. Half day guide trip fri mr suzuki died again
  29. Guide trip half day stripey kill richard gets his kill on
  30. 1st Trout Plant
  31. new tackle at castaic landing
  32. Guide trip thurs attack of the green carp -stripers and a storm
  33. 11/15 Castaic Landing Run
  34. Castaic Lake on Thanksgiving
  35. Sat stripey downrigger demolition there was blood
  36. 11/25 Instead of leftovers, we had a second Thanksgiving helping of Stripey
  37. Guide trip tues mike-chinatownwillie irradicate mr stripey
  38. Swimbaits From Shore
  39. 12/1 Castaic Report
  40. Castaic Report 12/8/12
  41. Castaic Report 12/11/12
  42. Guide trip sat o/f/g lori stripers -bass late report
  43. castaic wed 12/12
  44. Fishing report 12/22
  45. castic basic setup
  46. Toads on facebook
  47. Sat 1/16/2013 Upper
  48. Striper slayin and i hate greencarp weds fishin fun
  49. Trolling with the new motor. 3 Species, a Bass and 2 Panfish!
  50. Trolling Castaic on my Birthday, with fresh dines for a present at the end of the day
  51. Castaic Lake on the troll...Sunday 2/17
  52. Sat @ The lake
  53. Boils, Boils and more Boils!!!
  54. Castaic Lagoon 2-27-13 Pre Spawn is a coming!
  55. Castaic lagoon St Patrick's day
  56. Stripers stripers stripers
  57. Lagoon Fishing Sesh 3/30
  58. 3/30/13 getting my tube wet after a one year dry spell
  59. easter bass video!!
  60. 4/5/13 upper lake from shore
  61. A windy morning at castaic (video)
  62. Lagoon tubing newbie.
  63. 4/21 Morning Session
  64. Short castaic lagoon fishing video
  65. Oklahoma really
  66. Float tube fish finder
  67. Lagoon Wednesday 4/24
  68. Left the float tube at home today
  69. Finally!
  70. 4/30 Upper
  71. Dam 5/3/13
  72. info on lagoon
  73. Fishing the Lagoon tonight
  74. Anybody know?
  75. Upper
  76. Castaic Report for TB
  77. Tubing At Night
  78. Lagoon 5/14
  79. ,Right back at you bassfan,this one,s for you,RECON at CASTAIC
  80. goon 5/15
  81. Castaic Annual Boat Launch Permit
  82. Castaic Dam Fishing
  83. Inspections..?
  84. 5-26-13, They are biting a Castaic
  85. Boils on Castaic lake web cam photo
  86. skunk report 6-7-13
  87. They are treating the lake today!
  88. Finally!
  89. The troll bite is still Wide Open!
  90. What is Fishhound? How does it work?
  91. Windy but a productive day at Castaic
  92. Guide trip tues will kills at will dr striper slaying
  93. 6-21 fishing?
  94. Guide trip thurs a little windy and a little pig killin
  95. 6/21 - Dink Fest
  96. Bait question
  97. Report 6/22 and 6/16
  98. Castatic Lagoon 6-23
  99. Guide trip mon some hog stripeys got killed today
  100. Trolling before work
  101. Back again today, I have the day off.
  102. Trolling Castaic with DK and Andrew
  103. They are still biting! Second trip in one day.
  104. A day trolling with good friend and BOILS
  105. 6/28 sat Stripey
  106. Tough hot day but we managed!
  107. Baking for bass
  108. any tips for bass fishing the upper lake and lagoon ?
  109. I got a 25'er trolling today.
  110. Team striper speak up thank you
  111. A little history
  112. 7/6 Stripers with Lulu & Fishinone
  113. The smirk lure
  114. 2nd times a charm
  115. Doing damage at castaic! (Video)
  116. 7/12 Afternoon bass Sesh (Video)
  117. 7-12......Upper
  118. STRIPER eracication in full swing!,,BAKO BOY and FRESNO,s FINEST.
  119. Sunday morning with the MARINE
  120. Castaic 7/14 (short vid)
  121. Wait for it....this is for Bob!
  122. anything happening off the dam
  123. Guide trip weds larry-sean-kyle-another striper killer is made
  124. Late report Sunday splatter fest, FTW on em!
  125. Thanks Hiro Striper Candy And Bob Trout Only ill be addicted to trolling for LIFE !!!
  126. Only 1 word for 2day with AA!!!!
  127. Couple of stripers on the bait & wait
  128. Guide trip fri matt-chris striper trolling 101
  129. Guide trip sat its fri the 13th for mr stripey jason kills the schoolies
  130. Two Saturdays - 7/13 & 7/20 A tale of two bait fish
  131. Castaic stripers
  132. my first massive kill !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  133. lagoon night fishing tips
  134. To fish or not to fish that was the question
  135. Stripers in the lagoon?
  136. how come?
  137. Guide trip thurs dave does the stripey kill and we have a carpboy spotting
  138. Guide trip fri ray-bill-robin-freakin out for a kill
  139. Sat 7/27 Limits on Bait
  140. Saturday wait with bait
  141. Upper Lake, 7/28 LMB Report
  142. Upper Lake Shore 7/28
  143. Castic Report for 7/29
  144. Castaic with my daughter.
  145. Castaic lake closed this morning
  146. 2 guys 1 boat
  147. latepost. 7/22 and 7/23
  148. Guide trip half day fri ron-chris-matt 3 generations killing some stripeys
  149. Saturday August 3 Slay Fest
  150. Boils, Bait n Wait and Trolling. Awesome Fishing!
  151. Castaic Today 8/4/13!
  152. Lake Castaic Top Water Striper on the KPN ! with Ron,Khanh and Cor ! VIDEO !
  153. Castaic Trolling slay and stinky topwater surprise with my nephew!
  154. Castaic Lake Bait Bite with Ron,Khanh and Corey ( video )
  155. Moonlight fishing 8/3/13 Upper Castaic Lake
  156. A quick stop before work! I forgot the landing net!
  157. First time out.
  158. Another quick trip before work.
  159. Trolling for Castaic Lake Stripers
  160. Guide trip weds kris-junior-renee- megadink massacre
  161. Guide trip thurs catchingsomefish kills a couple nice 0nes then kills some more
  162. regeared and waiting.
  163. MO + AA = death sentence for jailbirds
  164. Guide trip fri pete and his grand son dylan more striper virgins no more
  165. Saturday limits with 1/2 the bako boys, Harlan and Cut bait Jr
  166. 8/10 limits report
  167. Fished Solo on Saturday. It was a good day!
  168. Guide trip sun brandon-randle-randy schoolie super splatter
  169. Upper Lake Shore 8/12
  170. Castaic Late Report 8/9 and 8/11
  171. Castaic with the family today 8/13/13
  172. Guide trip tues we killed some little pigs today donny gets his slay on
  173. upper first DD
  174. Trolling in a rental boat
  175. Castaic with the homies 8-16 fishin boils
  176. 8/17 Guests with Bananas Revenge of Stripey and Beating the Skunk
  177. First Fish UGH..
  178. revenge from wed
  179. 8/17 Mr. Shadwhacker, meet Mr. Cooler
  180. Castaic Lake Under Water Trolling Video Report 8-18
  181. Full moon, Star Wars lightning, and Stripers.
  182. Help.
  183. Sat. the good the bad that lake
  184. No e, no Guests, Revenge on Stripey
  185. Stinky bait saves the day!
  186. Chasing Stripey With a Green Carp Guy = Epic Fail
  187. What are your favorite Striper recipes?
  188. My sweet revenge
  189. Club Tournament Castaic Upper Lake Report
  190. Continuation Quality time with Pops and DD's striper at Castaic.
  191. Cast for Kids October 5th on the Castaic Lower Lake
  192. rental troling limit
  193. castaic hot day
  194. What a day...
  195. Capt'n Slays Mr. Stripey
  196. Slaying jailbirds Labor Day weekend Saturday
  197. Sunday morning session
  198. castaic tuesday, anyone?
  199. Short day guide trip ivan-kathern-then some little hog killin
  200. Off The Hook Trolling!
  201. Late report for Saturday, Labor Day Weekend
  202. solo limit....
  203. Guide trip weds stripers-shad-lmb's-mike-burning bodys
  204. hot day on the water (tempeture wise)
  205. Friday Wide F Open
  206. My pb!!
  207. Castaic Bass Club Challenge Sun Sept 15 2013
  208. Sat and sun twofer
  209. weekend report !!!!
  210. Trolled on sunday Afernoon/Evening.
  211. some bigger units today
  212. A Bako Boy striper BLOOD BATH,,,,,,,,,The ice chest wouldnt close,,,BIG UNS!
  213. Castaic Safety inspection question?
  214. Guide trip thurs shad-stripers-kpn's-catchingsomefish
  215. Guide trip fri athrur -harout-kitties - shad-schoolies who says 13 unlucky
  216. Most fun fishing with friends ever Castaic report
  217. Guide trip sat mr lowe goes wfo and a couple pigs die
  218. Saturday 9-14 limit with PB
  219. AA & Captain Hands O Steel
  220. Tough Sunday, skunkie
  221. Castaic Lagoon Question
  222. nice one early morning
  223. Guide trip wed joe-stripers -shad-bass
  224. I've got this trolling licked!
  225. Great KPN Topwater Action this Morning!
  226. Guide trip thurs frank and bob
  227. Castaic limits, top water, and the one that got away!!
  228. breakfast on the windy morning
  229. Saturday slay ride
  230. Guide trip sat another striper killer is made ofg-lori-aiden
  231. Reel good on the upper!
  232. Murdering some PIGS at Castaic with AA and teaming up with a Bako boy and hwy guy!!
  233. Fun filled day at Castaic. 5 straight days of Bako beatdown...
  234. Guide trip tues bass-blaster -ernie greencarpooloza
  235. After the massacre -this was for you hardcor
  236. Cast for Kids October 5th on the Castaic Lower Lake
  237. Shore fishing
  238. A day of Cival Masters. Beat the skunk anyway.
  239. two day slayed them
  240. Saturday report...
  241. Humbled by the Legend ! At the Striper king Classic 9-28
  242. Sunday report.....
  243. Me and Hiro(StriperCandy.com)wreck havoc on his B71 on Friday!!!
  244. Any updates on the Castaic bite?
  245. Catching shad?
  246. Guide trip thurs the deadliest catch catchingsomefish
  247. Hookie on a thursday!
  248. Guide trip sun kill them kill them all wes-cal-pat
  249. Sunday midday adventure
  250. Monday Finally Back on the Water