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  1. Need help malibu/santa monica surf!!
  2. Advice on Stuff to buy
  3. advice on salt water fishing. plzzzz
  4. Campland by the bay, San Diego
  5. Fishing During A Grunion Run?
  6. newbie going out to the beach tomorrow could use some help :-)
  7. Grunion Run?
  8. For all the swat members fishing San Onofre check this out
  9. any good fishing area around me?
  10. Coastal currents info??
  11. looking for fishing buddies in the samo area for surf fishing or boating
  12. Rod and reel question
  13. northern anchovy picture at Monterey Aquarium
  14. Pretty interesting catch in our local waters on a 1/2 day boat at Davey's Locker
  15. Bait Barge around the area?
  16. Licenses and what anyone fishing CA waters needs to have on them...
  17. When do the Barracuda shart showing in OC and LA counties?
  18. Interesting Weekend Wave Forecast
  19. is there any fish out there ????
  20. OC area surf fishing good spots to recommend?
  21. Shark Survey
  22. Best Scent for saltwater?
  23. Surf fishing help?
  24. Finding mackerel out of Newport and or Dana Point.
  25. Making bait... Squid?
  26. Lucky Craft Flashmimnow
  27. Local Yellow Tail 5/21
  28. MPA closures... Help understanding PLEASE
  29. Do surf perch bite at night?
  30. Sites to check surf conditions?
  31. Thank You Lucky Craft
  32. Kayak fishing info ventura / oxnard
  33. 3rd Grips on EBay right now!
  34. Grunion this weekend?
  35. What's the deal with Caicos and sand bass
  36. Fish'n the Grunion Run @ night in OC
  37. where should I fish the full moon?
  38. fisherman's landing area/shore or dock fishing
  39. Heading out this week in search of a butt
  40. Newport harbor help
  41. What's hitting our of Newport landing?
  42. Question about using 3rd grip (original model)??????
  43. Good Deal Waterproof Smartphone Case
  44. Huntington Harbor
  45. I fish so hard I lost an eye!!!
  46. Any mackeral on local piers
  47. Question: Redondo beach jetty
  48. Happy Fish'N this week'nd
  49. Cuda on the Chew
  50. overnight trip where should I go???
  51. Fishing options for Oceanside beach. Will be just south south of Oceanside Blvd.
  52. Grunion run assistance please
  53. 3/4 day fishing trip newport harbor $35
  54. Just a heads up to guys that go out of Davey's Locker
  55. Daveys locker overnight trip
  56. Pier fishing anyone?
  57. 3 days left on 3/4 day deal dont miss this great deal
  58. Looking for info for surf fishing in San Clemenet Beach area
  59. Question about fishing rods
  60. how to avoid the surf salad??
  61. Need some help with Point Mugu
  62. How's Newport and Balboa Pier?
  63. Spot & Bean Help!!!
  64. Yellowfin TUNA from the surf...
  65. Anyone want to fish samo area in the morning?
  66. Which Southern California beaches do not have a curfew?
  67. Mackerel
  68. Ocean fishing 101 needed. Help!!!
  69. Newport Harbor/Is it Illegal ?
  70. How is Sunset Beach doing??
  71. Tubin' LBH.
  72. CAST NET- Legal or Not
  73. Best time to fish in the surf?
  74. Anyone fish Newport dunes? Any tips
  75. spear fishing newb help
  76. Looking for some info at Seal Beach/Sunset Beach
  77. Kings harbor fishng from shore or pier
  78. Los Alamitos Bay
  79. Gonna fish San Onofre
  80. Nor Cal or OC?
  81. Parking @ Las Tunas
  82. 7/12 Overnight Limited Load Island Charter on the Truline!!!
  83. newport harbor fees
  84. deck boots
  85. surf fishing gear (I hope this the right place to post this)
  86. Rod and Reel for redondo sportfishing boat?
  87. Mystery catch?
  88. Huntington Harbor Shoreline Access
  89. Can anyone explain this ?
  90. Whats this fish? Safe to eat?
  91. Grunion Runs
  92. Palos Verdes Question
  93. ????
  94. NPH float tube launch locations?
  95. fish ID please
  96. Turner's trokar Photo Challenge
  97. surf fishing questions
  98. Heading north to Cambria and Monterey, Worth Fishing?
  99. On the Chew
  100. Pier from Redondo to Newport...
  101. Glow in the water.
  102. Advice on the hot bite???
  103. Can you use a Fish Finder for Halibut ?
  104. Newbie Question
  105. cabrlilo beach break wall
  106. Lompoc area?
  107. Take a look at this Tuna video
  108. Need Quick Help!
  109. In San Diego - Point Loma Sportsfishing, H&M Landing vs Fisherman's Landing....?
  110. New Surf Fishing Gear setup - feedback/experience to share
  111. 90 year old Vet Catches 58 lb YT
  112. Calico bass question
  113. LC Technics...
  114. rosarito surf question
  115. First Time Surf Fishing
  116. Anyone do private charters from there boat?
  117. please help
  118. Catalina Live Bait
  119. Does anybody know what fish this is?
  120. lobster/crab net pier fishing?
  121. Curado 200e enough for deep sea bass fishing?
  122. 1/2 day or 3/4 day trips: Oceanside or San Diego?
  123. 3/4 Day Question...
  124. Hb pier
  125. anyone want to fish the surf
  126. Avalon Shore Fishing?
  127. Need some saltwater advice please!! Any help
  128. Going on my first overnight any tips?
  129. any good jetty to fishing in LA county or OC?
  130. can any one name this fish?
  131. Want to hit the surf this weekend around Malibu plus/minus
  132. New guy here, with big question
  133. Halibut conversion.
  134. FYI Radioactive Bluefin Tuna Caught Off California Coast
  135. Spinning outfit recommendation for the Surf
  136. Guilty as CHARGED !!!
  137. Am I allowed to fish here?
  138. SMB Squid Report
  139. Check this out! LOL
  140. What fish is this?
  141. Where are all the sandys and calicos this year? cudas? all MIA??
  142. Pier Shark Gear Advice Needed
  143. Recommendations for a 2 or 3 day trip (nov 7-11)
  144. Overnight boats slay! 2 day boats scratch?!
  145. Are the bonito back in KH?
  146. Newport
  147. New to surf need advices.
  148. Where to fish?
  149. Living Social Deal: The Freelance out of Newport Beach
  150. Suggestion for party/charter boats
  151. Cage match to the death!
  152. Waders or Neoprenes?
  153. Meet our latest SWAT inductee:
  154. Fishing corona del mar??
  155. Don't eat tuna, it's all fake!
  156. Any one got good spots for surf fishing
  157. my future light tackle combo but i need help!
  158. spider crabs?
  159. 3\4 day fishing trip from Newport for 2 with lunch
  160. Port of Long Beach Fishing Ban
  161. big plugs from the surf???
  162. Demoralized fellow angler in dire need of help...
  163. Solid Spectra to Mono/Fluoro knot
  164. Pancho the Thief
  165. Spring/Summer vs. Fall/Winter Fishing
  166. In Search for a Left handed reel?
  167. Question
  168. where have the mackerel and bonita gone???
  169. Calico Bass Range?
  170. Will Rogers beach questions.
  171. Float tubing POLA?
  172. "New guy" here, question for SD anglers!
  173. Tubing the Channel Islands harbor
  174. Post X-Mas trip w/ Dad
  175. Fly fishing the surf? - Event at Fishermen's Spot Van Nuys this Sat. Dec. 7
  176. Catalina anglers. Conventional vs spinning.
  177. Brackish Water Secret Spot Discovered...
  178. Manhattan Beach Great Whites
  179. Spot for tots postponed until dec-14, 2013
  180. Umbrella Rig Shark Attack
  181. Saltwater Fishermans Slang
  182. KH Tuna Biting
  183. Check your bottom.
  184. 5 day New Years Special
  185. Wanna give surf fishing a try
  186. Good Morning and .........
  187. Surf Help
  188. Don't ruin your waders!
  189. Extreme Tide Alert
  190. jalama beach?
  191. Spinning rod/reel for LC's ?
  192. diawa 400 vs abu garcia revo toro nacl 60.
  193. surf fishing tournament
  194. Winter Months....What To Fish For?
  195. Harbors with Jack Mackerel?
  196. Lizardfish........
  197. Any tips for a new guy
  198. Protected areas
  199. Fishing with swim baits and artificials
  200. Which beaches for a first time surf session?
  201. Halibut are spawning...tips?
  202. newbie going out this weekend on a charter
  203. Halibut Worms
  204. King Harbor Bonito...
  205. Seal Beach Pier Questions
  206. Laguna surf help
  207. question about Hunting the Giants tournament/get together
  208. Need Some Help - Advice for Taking Kids
  209. Sav-on Tackle
  210. Sport Chalet - Luckycraft
  211. Deep Sea Fishing: Sand Bass Safe to Eat?
  212. pismo surf fishing
  213. Newbie needs advice
  214. Fishing Lucky Crafts- To jerk or not to jerk
  215. Help needed understanding.....
  216. Help a Chicago guy hit some fish?
  217. Any newport harbor reports?
  218. Halibut - Leader Suggestions
  219. harbor island, sd bay
  220. bait barge open???
  221. taken everyone's advice thanks again!!
  222. Fishing in Long Beach Area
  223. Surf Newbie
  224. Rain coming
  225. help with Identification???
  226. Fly Fishing the surf?
  227. General rule of thumb for fishing the surf after a storm
  228. Oil island fishing off Long Beach
  229. Earthguake
  230. looking for a new surf fishing rod
  231. anyone want to tube this sat
  232. Best beaches for the grunion runs
  233. What line would you recommend ????
  234. anyone fished Dana Point harbor this year???
  235. santa monica for a newb
  236. Santa Barbara surf help?
  237. Long Beach Harbor?
  238. Bait Report LB
  239. hey everyone, just need some advise on fishing harbors
  240. Free bait day at the barge
  241. Your opinion on surf rod please..
  242. does high vis line scare away fish?
  243. Long Beach Harbor
  244. Dealing with floating rockfish
  245. Help with Night Fishing Please
  246. Want to Grunion Run!!!
  247. Sad Saturday
  248. Help Request for fishing Santa Barabara Area Piers 4/23-4/24/14
  249. Need Help with Pier fishing in June
  250. Any tips for Pismo surf visit?